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My right calf
My right calf  
2 days ago (Tuesday) I noticed one red dot on my right calf. I didn't think much of it, but then the next day I looked and there were two more dots right next to it. In a perfect line. All of the dots are the same size and color. I'm also experiencing odd dreams at night and lately I've been waking up 5 times at night. The first time I wake up is almost at 1 am or just a few minutes off. Ever since I was little I have always been so curious about aliens, I felt I had a connection with them somehow. I've told my boyfriend that I was being abducted even before all this started happening, kidding of course. But I've always had the weird dreams. I'm very scared. I would like to know if this may be an abduction case. Thank you and please get back to me.

Hi, Audrey. Thank you for writing.

Most humans who have alien contact are unaware of it on a physical level. Of those who begin to become aware, most of them completely misunderstand everything about the aliens and about the reasons and nature of contact.

You are absolutely not abducted by alien life. But you may recall meeting with the aliens, or being on an alien ship, which would come to you in a way that makes it seem like a dream, but more than a dream. This is because the memories of things we do in other states of consciousness come from inside us.

Forty to forty-two percent of all humans are related to another race. All humans who have personal alien contact have always had it and always will. It's natural to us- we are born with the connection from before this life. This does not mean we will have active contact. It's our own choice to accept a course or position, or not. First though, try to realize what you are saying yes or no to, and only learn this from the aliens. The information that is out there available to you is almost all wrong, all spun, and designed to trick and scare you away from befriending the aliens, or to lead you joyfully in the opposite direction from the truth. This is done both by mistake and on purpose by the people who keep believing and sharing the same professional world government information against the aliens.

Write everything down in a journal because this will preserve events and thoughts with integrity, and help you navigate and learn from your own experiences.

The alien people who travel to here are the professionals of their races, working in crews, trying to bring true information to our race about the universe and how everyone must behave in it. Our leadership has built a wall around our planet to keep information out, so the aliens must sneak in to bring it. The humans they meet can be in danger here, but only if they know too much, claim evidence, or try to start a certain kind of uprising. So we just teach and help others understand things quietly.

The alien races have been trying to help our leadership with our world problems for a long time, but the leadership so far refuses. We are running out of time, so the alien races are going to the people to educate us so we can make changes to our own world. The other races cannot take over, but they have to be more overt now, because our leadership is not budging. Most people still choose to believe the information put out by the leadership, and will not consider information the leadership does not put out.

The way the aliens look, the way they talk, the way they come in and out, the way walls and doors open, light, vision, etc. can all be frightening to you, but only at first. It's all natural and technological, just evolved and advanced beyond what we can do yet.

I don't know what the spots are on your skin. And I don't know whether you have alien contact. But spots and "dreams" are usually how people start to discover they have alien contact. The first signs that indicate it to me about others is their interest, feelings, dreams, and desire to help in the efforts for our race and world. Mostly we just talk with others and help spread true information and understanding about life, spirit, evolution, space, govt control, dogma, and hope.  


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