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My third grade student has some questions for a research project. Could you answer one or more?  1. Can aliens breathe our oxygen? 2. What species of aliens are there? 3. Do they live in the Milky Way? 4. What planets are there that aliens live on? 5. Do a lot of people get kidnapped by aliens? -Thank you so much!

1. Can aliens breathe our oxygen?

Some people believe they can. Others wonder if maybe they would come from a planet where the people didn't breathe air, but some other kind of gas.

2. What species of aliens are there?

There is no scientific proof of aliens. But some people believe there are many different types. To see what different people believe, just Google >> different types of aliens <<

3. Do they live in the Milky Way?

They may. They may live even further away, in another galaxy. Again, nobody has really proved (to the rest of us) that they exist.

4. What planets are there that aliens live on?

Some believe that the planets may be quite unlike Earth. Some of their planets might even be gas planets instead of planets made up of solid matter and liquid.

5. Do a lot of people get kidnapped by aliens?

Again, we don't really know. But some people SAY they were kidnapped by aliens. The way they usually talk about it is called "alien abduction."


I hope this helps!


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