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My third grade student has selected aliens as his topic for his research project. If you would be able to answer some or all of his questions he would greatly appreciate it! 1. Can aliens breathe our oxygen? 2. What species of aliens are there? 3. Do they live in the Milky Way? 4. What planets are there that aliens live on? 5. Do a lot of people get kidnapped by aliens? -Thank you so much!

1. Can aliens breathe our oxygen?

There are various categories of aliens.  Some are referred to as intelligent beings and others are known to have little to no development properties other than merely existing (such as cells and simple organisms). But assuming that you are referring primarily to Intelligent life, I would have to say that the answer is yes and no.  Some Aliens have a genetic property similar to that of a plant.  They do not necessarily breathe (such as we do) but absorb oxygen through the skin (like a plant does).  But to go even further into details such as this, you would have to know which type of alien you are referring to.  As some aliens do not necessitate breathing at all (in a manner of speaking).  What this means is that you have to break down the properties of air which is made up mainly of oxygen and nitrogen.  These are properties found even in space (throughout all of space) but not in the same form as found here on Earth.  Due to gravity, radiation belt, etc., many of the gases are compiled to sustain these gasses as the air we breathe.  So no matter where you go throughout space, it's not so much a question of “DO they breathe air?” but rather “In what form does their air exist?”.  This would bring on a more appropriate question pertaining to individual types of aliens such as “How do they take in their particular form of oxygen?”  I would say that it's a good guess that there would be particular aliens that not only do not breathe air but would probably be in danger attempting to.  Much in the same way you would if you attempted to breathe water.  Even water has oxygen in it.  But it is not suitable for breathing in it's form.

2. What species of aliens are there?

There are many species of aliens.  Most of the mainstream media (Hollywood movies and those simply seeking ratings) concentrate mainly on a species referred to as the Grays.  This is because they are the most common with the typical large almond shaped black eyes that you see in movies or hear people talk about.  But in fact there are a known 67 different types of species that have been categorized. The three most common ones are Nordics, Grays and Reptilians.  You can find a complete list of even more popular ones at the following address...


3. Do they live in the Milky Way?

Depending on the species being referred to, they come from various places.  Some live here with us now (among us) but undetectable because they live in another dimension.  This is much like how you can see only certain spectrum of light and and hear only certain frequencies of sound.  We are only capable of seeing and hearing certain types of light and sound.  In the same manner, we can only feel certain frequencies of energy (including the energy that makes up “solid” objects).  But it's difficult to refer to them as aliens since technically they don't come from otherworldly places.

Then there are those who come from other planets such as the Nordics or Andromedans.  Others are said to live deep underground and exist as shape-shifters allowing them to walk amongst us un-noticed.  However, I personally think of those (shape-shifters) as nothing more or less than a conspiracy theory.  

4. What planets are there that aliens live on?

In the UFO community, it is common belief that they live as close as the dark side of the moon.  Some believe that they live on Mars.  Others live many light years away.  In my professional opinion, I would have to say that there are some “based” on the moon but don't necessarily live there ad that there used to be a large civilization on Mars that is now gone other than a few who are simply “based” there now for whatever agenda is required of them.  But other than interdimensional beings or Earth Native aliens, I would have to say that the closest one that I know of currently is Alpha Centauri B, which is part of a three-star system just 4.3 light-years away from us.

5. Do a lot of people get kidnapped by aliens?

A very common misconception.  Most alien abductions are misconceived as an abduction but if one seriously researches the conditions behind these events, they appear more like a rescue mission.  As their ships and other technology is very hazardous to our bodies, when people come in contact with them, they often find themselves being laid out on a table and having “experiments” performed on them.  Deeper research into these particular experiments resemble activities that can be more construed as operations or repairs.  Furthermore, one must ask the question “If we mean so little to them that they would perform experiments on us, why would they attempt to return us when they are done?”

There has actually been only ONE recorded case of a human death via alien abduction and even this particular incident is unconfirmed.  It has even been suspected that the death was due to parasites and the body was found deep in a forest in South America.

So the word “Kidnapped” is kind of a grab at explanations.  If you were driving along and accidentally hit a person on the side of the road and nobody was around to help (and no phone available), would you be “kidnapping” them if you were to take them into your vehicle and try to help them?  

The following video is a good example of what I am referring to....

Please let me know if you have any further questions or want me to clarify anything.  Glad to help.


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