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Hi Nancy,

I discovered your question and answers page last night after searching for experts on aliens. I have to say the details you provide are very thought provoking.

You say on your site that 10% of people are directly related by spirit to a alien race. My question is is there way to tell if you are a descendant or connected in spirit to an alien? Would we have individual characteristics and abilities that could suggest what aliens we are connected to if we are? Would we have any qualities that are special from being a direct spirit connection to these aliens?

Also if there is not a way to tell, how do the aliens know and choose which humans to have contact with?

Sorry and one more question now that I thought of it. I was thinking about people who have reported seeing a ufo in pictures they have taken, but didn't actually see the ufo in person, it only showed up on the camera. Why would the aliens allow themselves to be seen like this. Is this there way of exposing themselves to humans they choose to have contact with? Also it seems that this happens fairly commonly that people get these pictures, but wouldn't the worlds leaders be greatly against the aliens ever being able to get contacts with any of the general population? Is it that the governments can't keep them out?

Thank you for your time Nancy,

Hi, Rikki. Thank you for your questions. I am happy to meet you and answer what I can.

Of the population of Earth, forty to forty-two percent are somehow related to another (alien) race, which is by spirit and not by body. Ten percent of the forty to forty-two percent are directly of alien soul, and the rest of the forty to forty-two percent are decedents of the ten percent. Being related does not mean you have active contact- but even if you do, that does not mean you are physically aware.

There are a number of indications that a human is related to another race. Mostly, if the aliens want you to know, they will make it clear. And if they do not want you to know, it will remain hidden from you, at least on a physically conscious level. The part of you related to them is in full cahoots with them, even if not completely in agreement on all things. We are working together, and it is a vital effort between our worlds.

Usually when the alien people want to help you become aware, they start by hinting through your thoughts and dreams. You may recall one event, or one piece of an event, remarkably clearly. You may have a sighting of a craft that is obviously alien, or witness a technology or natural ability obviously not of this world. The natural ability may be your own- and if the ability is normal for humans to have, it may be in a greater way than what is normal for humans, or your access and control of that ability may be available to you in a greater way than normal for humans. These would not happen all the time, but from time to time through life, subtly- until it's time for you to stop just idly wondering, and time to discover the aliens for yourself.

The alien people always have known who each of their own related humans are, and where they are at any or all times. Now that all of our visiting races work together, all of them can know about all the humans related to each visiting race.

Not all alien contact is the same, and not all alien experiencers are the same. The ten percent of experiencers are those who are directly related to another race, who were in life as members of another race previous to this life. These humans are in position with the greatest of hope for the most progressive contact to learn and teach other experiencers and all humans by. These humans are the ones that it is most appropriate for the alien people to approach and put at such risks. We come here with the plan, as part of the plan.

The alien people choose which humans to approach physically for a specific task, first by who is prepared and put into position for it, and also by who is willing, by who is able, by who can deliver a message with integrity, and by who will follow a course to a resolution. They also go just by what is needed, depending on the task.

I don't know how many of the photos of crafts are authentic, but I know that some are. I don't know how commonly the alien races put themselves into pictures and videos to be seen later, but I know sometimes they do. The alien races are constantly dropping hints to people in order to keep them thinking and wondering, because this is how we grow. This is how our awareness and capacity stretch to include a wider view of more things in a normal way. That is exponentially more important than evidence. Anyway, what exactly does evidence manage to prove to us?

Yes, our world government does not want the alien races to make educational or progressive contact with any ordinary humans. Our world government does not want us to learn the truth about the ways of peace in the universe, or that we can also have peace on our own world already. Peace is not utopia. Peace is respecting and not fighting with others over things. Peace is implementing solutions to conflict, and of course preventing conflict.

Our world government can't keep the aliens away. But the government can threaten and harm the aliens by chance, and threaten and harm any humans at will that the aliens are known to meet with. We experiencers are used as hostages in order to control the aliens.

The alien races are offering our world leadership their help, and begging them to take it.  


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