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Hi Earth Sister,

First and foremost I want to thank you for your work as you have helped me to over come my irrational sense of fear I once had.  Reading several of your posts resonated with me and allowed me to view the subject matter rationally.  I can remember walking out in the sun and watching people pass by each with there own lives just trying to live and enjoy life and I thought how beautiful that somewhere in our universe life just like here on earth life manifested itself in such a unique and beautiful way, and I thought how wonderful that you got to experience those uniquely manifested people and their experiences. I was even able to watch a scene from a movie that would have one terrified me and it made me laugh so hard to think I would be afraid of it.  And I can see even on our own world the most intelligent collective of people tend to be peaceful or have their endeavors rooted in doing progressive things for society and not destruction.  Sorry for the long post but again thank you!


Is there some sort of metrics or system by which the group of visiting races measure the intelligence or maybe the progress of any particular species.  If so it physical or are there specific milestones that species has to complete in order to be considered this level of progressed?  Additionally where do we stand? Thanks in advance!

Hi, Mack. Thank you so much for your support. I love to hear how something I have presented has helped somebody just in the way you describe. When doors are opened, the possibilities are endless. If we each can just do a little bit for any true effort between our worlds, this is the one and only thing that will make all the difference we need to bring our world together with all the other worlds around us. They are all already working together, sharing knowledge, techniques, materials and PEACE, and it is our turn now. But our world leadership is not going to do it- we are. You and me.

The largest roadblock we humans have right now is our personal fear, and this fear is unfortunately professionally uncultivated and maintained by the power of our world. To get around it, we just have to keep thinking for ourselves, naturally and scientifically, and if we get the chance to work with the other races, we just have to take it.

Once we decide to crash that barrier of fear, it's only difficult for us to get used to the alien people for a while, as we discover the physical and mental differences between all races. Then for the rest of our lives, it's only difficult for us to get along with our fellow humans due to our advanced knowledge and perspective.

Life is vast and diverse. All races are unique, developing and progressing on their own graph. This is a right of the race of a world, and the law of the universe. But yes, there is a way to mark when beings are considered intelligent, and another when they are considered advanced.

A being, or a race, is considered intelligent when it can communicate. A being, or a race, is considered advanced when it can travel space. Our race is intelligent, but what we do out around our world is not space travel.

Our race is young, and just at our evolutional point of discovering what is true life. A more important point to make about us is that the leadership of our world is using our greatest people, abilities, discoveries and inventions not for longevity and quality of life for all, but to the annihilation of our planet and the life on it. As adaptable and resilient as we humans are, we are not designed or equipped to live this way, and we are deeply affected, and surviving daily in a deeply affected way. As helpful as all our growing organizational efforts are for our ecology and species, they are not enough, and they don't hit the nail.

Of all the races in our area, ours is among the most difficult in all of evolutional history that the advanced races have ever tried to work with. All the problems with the progression of it happening right now for us are ours.

Speaking of milestones, we are never, ever going to be allowed to hit the ones that would bring our destruction and disregard for life out near our neighboring worlds of people, to threaten to do there what we do at home. Those laws of space are what keep space safe for all life, including us.  


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My lifelong personal contact with alien life is physical and spiritual, educational and progressive. The main representatives of the most highly intelligent, advanced and evolved races that visit Earth are my closest contacts, my teachers, and my lives long friends and colleagues.

These fine beings are those in charge of the organization of all of Earth's visiting races. My role with them is part of the multi world effort to unite our world with our local group of worlds. It is my position and intention to share my knowledge in order to help other humans learn about universal life and the nature of contact between us all.

My lifelong spiritual experiences include spirits of the departed, spirit guides and angels who work together with humanity and our galactic neighbors for the same objectives to ensure the survival of our human race.

I can answer questions specifically about the 218 alien races that are visiting Earth, their organization here, their common technologies of travel and concealment, their natural abilities, why they come here and what their intentions are for the human race. For other humans who have contact, I help facilitate communication and understanding so that they may become more productive in their own roles if they so choose. I can also answer questions about why there is so much confusion on Earth about these subjects and expose the disinformation that rules the human UFO field.


My knowledge of alien life comes from my ongoing personal experiences with the alien races themselves. I do not study or represent the UFO field. I study and represent the alien races.

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