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Dear Earthsister,

Even as a child, or probably during my teenage years, I'm very into life in other planets. People surrounding me don't believe in them but I strongly do. I became interested also with spiritual topics like meditation, past life, and psychic abilities. As I child, I remember that I have photographic memory. But, it died down as I grew up and became focused with my studies.

I had dreams with people I don't know and we even sang songs of which I cannot find online, thus indicating that they only came from my mind when in fact I know them so much in my dreams.

I am currently in my final year of college. My interest for these things that are considered not normal in our society has grown during my time off with studies (exchange student term). When I have some time off, I do research because there is an unsatiable feeling within me that I need to know something.

Upon the Aug 2014 show off of the UFO in Houston, Texas, my attention for seeking alien life has grown again. Today, I am quite glad to come across your page. Upon reading some of the posts, I don't know but I get the feeling of belongingness. In my life, at least for now, I cannot name anyone who can understand me fully. I always feel that I am different from others in terms of sincerity, intellect (not to boast), and fairness.

Therefore, I have two questions that I wish to see your answers. :D

1. Is it possible for me to see my contact? I know that they want to show up but I tend to drive them away as I am damn afraid of ghosts. I want to know what is that I need to know but I have no clue of figuring it out. Seeing your page with some questions and answers gave me the hope that I am not crazy as others would think.

2. In the context of extraterrestrial life, how can I know if I am just a mere human being or not? Sometimes, (sorry it might sound weird), I feel that I chose to be in this life to fulfill a purpose (that I don't know as of the moment) above the one I love. I have been longing for someone I don't see, but I know. Thus, is it possible that my partner is in another planet because I chose to be here? Or are there soulmates to begin with considering that all of us are family?

Thank you so much for your time and sorry for the long message.

Hope to hear from you soon.



Hi, Shandy. I will answer what I can, but I want you to know that you are well on your own path to the truth. The truth is not openly available on Earth yet, so don't look on Earth for it. You can find a lot of information here, but it's not based on the truth, and it's professionally designed and used to lead you past the truth to the untruth.

The ONLY reason we humans on Earth do not know the visiting races yet is because our government of Earth is preventing it. The visiting races are desperately trying to help us know them and learn what their efforts are with one another and us.

From what you write, I can see that when it is time for you to meet your contacts, you will. It will happen in any of several different ways, but probably not fully openly at first. Your contacts will help you with it, and it will be a process that will move ahead based on how you move ahead with it- how you handle it. It may still be far ahead in your future, or it may be sooner, but the things you experience and learn now are important to happen now so that you can understand accurately when it is time for them to show you what you do with them.

1. You already know them. Remember this, all beings are spirit. Any being could be near you and invisible. If you can sense spirit at all, you can sense any spirit- any kind of spirit. A person or animal does not have to have died to be a spirit. We are spirit while we are alive just as well- and we are still our spirit after our bodies die.

Spirit is Life Force. If a person, human or another alien race, is out of body and near you, you can sense them by the same abilities that you have. Also with the same abilities you can sense a person who has died that is near you. When a person is physically near you, you also sense them by their spirit. You can sense anybody near or far, but nearer is easier to sense, and also those we are related to and know best as close friends are easier for us to sense.

When you sense somebody near you, no matter who or what kind of being they are, they are yours. Your family, your friends, your colleagues. And they all work together on the same efforts for our race and world. You are one of them too- you are on the same team. They all already know each other, and what the efforts are, and how the technology works and the spiritual abilities work. You don't yet. But you can and you will. Just get over the fear and mistrust as well as you can, and let them help you with that. They are the best ones for you to trust.

You may encounter alien people, human people, spirits of humans who have died, God's Angels, and animals. You and they are all spirit, all life force. Focus more on how we are all the same here at this time doing all of this together, instead of our differences. We are all the same in that our differences do not matter. We all come from the same source for the same reason.

You have a plan with them and they with you, and with many other humans figuring this out right now. Most humans have it all wrong. Just because "IT" is true, does not mean that the humans who are aware of "IT" know what "IT" is. They DON'T know what it is. It's a quest for us, and a process of learning and understanding. Brand new things are always confusing and puzzling and frustrating. That's how you know you are going the right way. Be patient because your plan has marked times in it, and right now you are studying and growing and maturing.

All people on every world have a purpose for being there at that time. MANY purposes. Hopes, plans, successes. Nobody is anywhere by accident. When a person on a world discovers or invents something that can improve life for a lot of people, that person and his contribution belongs to the whole world and all its people forever, not just to him or his own family, or his own country. But "WE" are not people in many countries on a world. "WE" are people on many worlds in many universes. It does not matter what country we come from, or what world we come from. We are working together for the same efforts of peace, safety, longevity and quality of life.

2. You sense something invisible to you. You feel a memory from you don't know where or why. That is spiritual awareness. It's a little uncomfortable to sense, like the floor is moving under your feet. Like you wake up to find yourself in a strange place. Like an echo of some mysterious event you have forgotten. Like meeting somebody for the first time, yet remembering them from somewhere prior, like at that event that still echoes. You remember YOU from before this life- from beside this life and parallel to this life. You physically sense your OWN spirit. You sense your mission, and your purpose, and your hopes. You sense your spiritual family and friends who are so close to you. You sense God. This sensation tickles as deep as deep can go, and creates a longing of true love of life, nature, spirit, evolution, hope and togetherness. It is true life and true love of creation. It's not just the soul shaking love we desire to have with our partner- our soul mate, but for us humans, that can be the first time, the first thing, what wakes us up to this greatest spiritual love.

We humans do not have to be of soul of an alien race in order to feel this feeling. It's just that when we do meet with further advanced races of people and we are open to learning and discovering things through them, the spiritual aspects of practice and activity of it bring us humans further. The advanced people point in the exact direction, and show us where and how to look and go deeper. We discover and awaken the further evolved part of ourselves, the part of us that is the same part of them. That sensation of longing, and hope, and love, is the sensation of origination. It is of God.

Your partner in this life, your soul mate, is somewhere. You may sense that person close to you or far away from you. Being with that person may be a large part of your mission here, to support one another and make difficulties bearable too. Meeting and being with that person in life can feel just like discovering your own spiritual purpose. I suggest that you ask the beings who you sense around you, who they are, who you are to them, and where is your soulmate- partner in this life. Then listen to them over days or weeks. Watch and see what you think and dream.

We have many soul mates, many family members and friends we are meant to be with, to know, to help one another. But you are looking for the one true love you know and sense inside. That person is coming to you too, or is already with you. Be patient and protect yourself from disinformation. Stay close to God in a natural, ordinary and scientific way. Think of how great evolutional time is. Meditate, and keep your body and mind clean and clear. Plan ahead to be strong, wise and brave.

You are YOU. You are not a "mere" anything, no matter what world you were on before, if any. But I know what you mean. If you have contact with alien life, then you are of them in some way. Ask them, and eventually they will tell you, when it's time.

Good luck!

Nancy Malacaria


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