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QUESTION: Hello and thanks for your recent answers! I have a few questions more about the races.

1. Some trustworthy experiencers who have told similar stories like you about the way aliens are helping us etc. often mention this race "nordics" or "scandinavians". They have described many of the similar races that you have even before your first book came out, so they seem genuine and honest about their experiences and spirituality. Of course these are not the official name of the race, but simply a term that people use to describe the appearance of this race. Could this be Zylem´s race that they are referring to? Or do you know which race it could be? Have you met other races that resemble as humans like Zylem´s do?

2. Some have also described races that look slightly similar to reptiles on earth, even if they of course have nothing to do with reptiles. But my question is that have you met a race like this, could you tell something about them?

3. In your first book and website you mention that one of the council members is a protector of children, what do you mean by that?

4. What is the situation with your 2nd book, do you have any idea when it might come out?

Thank You and all the best to you and your family!

ANSWER: Hi, Janus. Thank you again for your questions.

1. When humans encounter any new-to-them thing, they may give it a name. This would be an honest name of a real thing. But, when humans encounter nothing but claim that they have, and even give it a name with their description, this is not an honest name of a real thing. Regardless, when others encounter something that sounds similar in description, they may assume it is the same thing. This is why there are no Nordics, even though there are two particular races that happen to somewhat resemble the fictitious Nordics. Those two races are Zylem's race, as you noted, and the race of hybrid alien people who are half Earth human. (There is another unique race of hybrid alien people who are half Earth human who no longer visit Earth, and these people look just like the other hybrid race to us.)

There are other races that resemble our race, and they are other races of humans; alien races of humans. They live on their own worlds and do not visit Earth. They do not visit Earth because they are either beyond reasonable traveling distance, or they are not advanced enough to travel.

A few of the other races visiting Earth look vaguely like us in shape and height, but none could fool you if you look right at them.

2. Jack and I have met a few races that have some natural characteristics of reptiles. Our favorite is The Blue and his race from Mars. Their skin is cool and clammy, and kind of a dark plum color. Some other races have green skin. And some have scaly skin. Some have yellow eyes. Pointy nails. Etc. All of them are people, and none of them are reptiles in any way.

3. Bja is a child guardian, a guardian of children, a guardian of awareness. His natural skills make him very good at helping children during their process of discovery and learning about their spiritual nature and abilities. This process is lonely, scary and confusing for us humans on Earth because it's so new to our race, and because we have to experience it raw, and because we have to go against so much contrary information in order to understand it. We need to learn such things from a young age so that we can grow up with a familiarity of them, to better accept them when it is time. It is valuable and often vital to our success that we have a guardian to help us through, and Bja is one great one. One day, hopefully soon, all parents and other adults will also help our children discover their spiritual nature, and support them through it, and encourage them to use their abilities for what they have them for.

4. Book Two is in process, as well as Book Three. Thank you for asking!

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QUESTION: Thank You for your answers! This clarifies a lot. Could you still tell something more about Zylem's race and the hybrid race that still visits earth. How do they differ from each other? Have either of these races told you which planet or part of the galaxy they come from, and do their races have an official name that could be somehow written/pronounced by our language?

Thanks again and eagerly waiting for your 2nd and 3rd books!

Hi, Janus. Thank you again for your questions.

Zylem's is a race of humans whose home is in the area of The Pleiades. The DNA of our race came from the DNA of their race. They look just like us except for their eyes which appear to be all black, but are not actually, because the whites show in the corners when they divert their gaze. Jack and I have not been told their race's real name.

The hybrid race that visits Earth is under the care of one race who visits Earth, The Grays, who are co-parents with our race, of the hybrid race. The hybrids were created by The Grays for The Grays, half their race and half ours. Then, the hybrids were co-parents with The Grays, over some generations. Those who are half and half, are obviously so. Further generations appear and are more and more like The Grays. This program was ended as of April 2000 when The Grays joined our visiting organization. The hybrid race continues as a unique race of their own.

The Gray's real name, translated, is The Ancient Ones. I do not know a name for the hybrid race. The Grays come from the area of The Pleiades. The hybrid race does not have a natural home, but an artificial one, a contained city in space, which I venture is in the protective area of The Gray's home.

All of Earth's visiting races come from nearby in our galaxy, from our arm Orion and the neighboring two arms.  


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