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Since a child I have been visited by aliens, they used to sleep in bed with me as a child.  Recently my girlfriend has witnessed them in our room while I slept. I'm starting to form abilities that I can't control at times. I have been trying to contact someone who can help me understand these abilities. All I'm asking for is for a contact that I can call. Someone who doesn't want money but wants to experience what I have. Please call me. . Im not a crazy person and Ive been scared to fell anyone about whag has been happening to me. Please call. My email is inactive.

I can't call now as sadly I'm fighting a serious health issue at this time.  I would say most UFO people would want to "use" you to make money or justify their beliefs.  I would say, first off, if you have a regular medical doctor you trust, talk to them about this.  I'm not saying psychiatrist, real medical doctor.  Because for your safety you need some basic health tests run.  

Then once you are clear, you need to find someone you can trust to talk about this with.  One important thing to remember, they don't have to believe you to help you.  I've seen a lot of things I can't explain, but often I have helped people by saying that while I'm not convinced they have been taken to Mars, they certainly need help.  Not because their story isn't true.  Because you are I am SURE suffering from PTSD.

Think about it, since childhood you have had aliens visiting you.  I am glad that they do not seem to hurt you in any way.  It could be just they like you.  I'm betting you are a good person, and there are fewer of those than you think.  The abilities is something I don't know much about.  I deal with people that feel they have contacts with aliens, and also UFOs and none of them have any abilities besides being able to talk to the aliens in different manners (such as a special sign language or a translator or psychically).  

THat is my concern, are the new abilities a sign of some illness, so get checked out.  Remember also, there are thousands of people that believe they have had contact with aliens and UFOs and also a large percentage of citizens in the US believe in UFOs as being from outer space.  So, relax is you are afraid they might put you in a hospital or something.  (they will only do so if you have a physical illness... and belief in aliens is not a sign of serious mental illness).   

Betty and Barney Hill, who feel they were abducted by aliens, both worked full time and were active in the Civil Rights movement.  They DID need to see a medical doctor and psychiatrist to help them.  In fact Betty Hill's neice, Kathleen Marden, might be a good person to contact.  http://www.kathleen-marden.com/

If you can see the site she might have a phone number there.  Point is, physical health number one.  Anyone that has been through and is going through what you are.....will have PTSD and that requires help.  SOmeone with a degree.  Almost everyone I work with has benefited from some help, just like a war veteran or perhaps a survivor of a plane crash, does. Stress is very bad for anyone.  ALso I am sure you are thinking "why me?", and you can get help with that.  

It is very important.  I hope you find a medical professional (like I said, start with a regular doctor), full check up if possible.  Then hopefully someone that can help with the stress and your new abilities.  ALso while I don't always agree with Ms.Marden, I think she is a nice person that could help you also.  Good luck.  And remember, most people come to feel it is rather nice to be singled out like this.  I hope you can feel that way soon also.  


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