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Hi Earthsister!

Thank you for all answers you provide, and thank you for taking the time.

I am curious to know if whistleblowers, like Snowden, and all the evidence they provide of our covernments criminal actions and mass surveillance etc. could be the beginning of a new public awareness that will be an important step in building something new and more transparant, when it comes to our worlds leadership?

In Europe and Sweden, where I live and we recently had an election, the results strongly indicates that people are becoming generally more mistrusting of politicians and leadership. For a good reason, I think. What is your take on this, and the potential impact of the exposed evidence?

And I have also been thinking of something else. You and Jack have shared several lifetimes together, and from what I can gather, was destined to share this life as well. Would you say that this is common for most people? Do people usually have a "soul mate" that they are destined to meet and share life with? For me, I have always had that feeling, but I am currently 37 years old, and still haven't found anyone that fits my unconsious description of that special person.

Would you say that there is a person out there for everyone, to whom you have a special connection, from before you even met, and whom you are destined to meet? If so, do you think everyone would recognise, beyond a shadow of a doubt, this person once they meet? I am just curious to know a bit about your thoughts regarding soulmates and destiny, in terms of a persons life partner?

Thank you, I really appreciate your input.

All the best,

Hi, William. Thank you for your questions and your kind encouragement.

I think, like you, that the current whistleblowers and the evidence they provide could be the beginning of a new public awareness of all you said and more. I hope that it is, or else we will have to start the beginning of it all over again.

I do not have any special information about this directly from our alien friends. Although, based on all that I have learned from them and from knowing them, I feel that this important step is a key one, without which we could not progress as a race to actual advancement. The government of Earth is never going to do this for us. We have to take our knowledge and awareness and build on those ourselves.

My thoughts on exposure of corrupt political people and structure are that we need to use care in tearing down the foundation of our societies so based on exclusive economics. And that we need to try to rebuild supports so that we do not collapse. How to do this I do not know, except by educating all people and employing the best of us to lead us.

I believe from my experience that we all have a soul mate, as in a life partner. And that we all have many soul mates we travel through lives with as family members, friends and seeming acquaintances.

I do not think that we humans would always or can always recognize our one special partner soul mate, or any of our others. We have guardians to help us with that, though, and we can always ask for guidance. Nothing is written in stone, and there are no guarantees that what we think should be, will be. Or that the way we think things should happen, will happen. Seeming accidents happen, and people don't show up on time, or ever, or they leave early. Sometimes what we get from failing to meet is greater and more important than what we get having met. I believe that life is lifetimes, and we continue to progress all along. What happens in this life prepares us for the future. Some lessons are lifetimes long and wrenching difficult.

I believe your partner is somewhere, whether alive right now or not. I suggest you ask God, and then be open for what you will learn. Stay patient and stay open and something will come to you. Watch your dreams. In the mean, don't fail to enjoy your life while you wonder and wait. Don't think that any lack of enjoyment of your life is all about missing your partner.

As for destiny, I believe that God makes certain things happen when its time is right, not when our time is right, and the reasons why and when are often not apparent to us, and often make no sense to us on this physical level of existence. Some things we came here to take a part in are larger than life itself, and our part more important to us than a particular comfort while we are here, and if we can't have both, would we still come? If we can't have that comfort, can we have another?

Not knowing or understanding makes difficult things harder. Understanding makes difficulties easier to bare, even proudly.  


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