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QUESTION: Hello John!  I really hope you can help me with this little dilemma I have developed.  I need the name, of what we consider, the first aliens.  The ones who may have helped build the pyramids.  I've done countless research and can't find an actual name.  I know they're considered "the ancients" but is that they're true name that we've given them?  I've found The Grays, The Men In Black and some other "sighting" but I'm unsure if those are the "ancients".  Could you help me out?  Much appreciation!

ANSWER: The popular preconception is probably what you are looking for.  This would be the "Nephilim".  However, despite this being the most popular, my own research would have to point more to the word "Pre-Adamites" as it is my true understanding that a pre-existing world thrived long before the first destruction of earth and the replenishment of mankind.  A world far more advanced that what we see even today but one of beings with spirit... but not the devine holy spirit carried on by Adam "The son of God".

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QUESTION: Thank you for the information and I am familiar with the Nephilim however when I did more research it was all biblical and even stated that they "were not aliens" I need a creature that may have done space travel and may have found Earth.  Have you heard the stories about aliens helping build our civilization?  If such a creature existed, is there even a name for them?  I wanted to incorporate some of today's beliefs on aliens into my book (its fiction) and I have no problem creating another species, I've already done so with five, but if there are aliens out there that did help us in our prehistoric days, I was wondering if they had a name or not.  

Have a pleasant day!

The reason I brought up the Nephilim is because the idea of Aliens doing this first stemmed from the Nephilim perception.  

What you are refering to is not simply based on one belief.  There are many beliefs that span various religious and non-religious Genres.  So there is really no way I can identify with just one.  But I will bring to you a very popular one that you may or may not be referring to...

Certain areas of Scientology believe in early UFO visiters called the Teegeeack (Who's leader is known as Xenu).  But rather than goind into a lot of detail about this here, I will give you a wiki-pedia page link that might do more justice than listening to my try to explain it. ("Teegeeack" does not have a wikipedia page, so I will give you the next best thing on that, and that is the following links...)



I apologize if this does not help.  But if you provide me with more information or details about a particular belief then I might be able to pinpoint exactly which one you might be referring to.  


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