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Admittedly, this question came into mind after playing Clive Barker's Jericho. I've also encountered this in movies and in a documentary on KGB ... So, I was just wondering how much of this is true and whether it's all just work of fiction... Does the army have people that deal with various supernatural threats, such as ghosts, demons and evil aliens or is this just modern day sci-fi?

Not to sound as if I am just "beating around the bush" but the answer is neither a yes or a no.  I'll try to elaborate on this.

First of all, the Military refers to them as simply "entities" since there are so many various forms.  Many are very acurately identified as beings mentioned in early history and even earlier (biblical).  Others are evil and many are benign.  there are also those who are trying to assist us.  It's far too complicated to go into detail.

However, to answer your question, they do not necessarily have their own people to deal with these things.  The Government utilizes external resources (such as specialists and contractors) in order to bypass any obligation to conform to the Freedom of Information Act.  Since FOIA does not apply to civilian organizations, they simply contract out to "civilian" organizations... or this is to say "civilian organization that they secretly create themselves".  It's why, for example, a contractor (Who's owner just happens to be ex-Secret Service) is used for Area 51 security rather than actual Military Personal.  That company is called Wakenhut.

Furthermore, people are often unaware that the Military branches are not entirely government orientated.  They are actually individual entities that "contract" out to the government... in much the same way that "States" are separate from "Federal" and the Federal Reserve is not Federal at all.  So the information that stays within the Military is not FOIA Obligated either... just the information that ends up in government files.  There are plenty of loopholes.

So technically, they contract out to organizations that they create (or fund) themselves and keep tabs (as well as CONTROL) over those companies.

So yes, there are many organization, companys and so forth that handle paranormal related situations BUT you wont often hear about these because they are not obligated to tell you about it (or so they claim).

Nonetheless... do not go by what you see in Jericho...  this is entirely unrelated and the real thing is far stranger than what you will see in that game...  although not as dramatic.


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