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Should a Hollywood-like alien invasion scenario become real, what would the military's strategy be to fight them? How would the army be mobilized in large cities? Does mankind even stands a chance?

Well, despite the fact that I don't believe aliens to be what most people think they are, I will go ahead and answer your question based on the concept that they are beings from other planets.

First of all; An invasion is very unlikely.  Now, I don't mean this for the same reason that most people do when they say "If they were going to try and wipe us out that it would have happened already".  But I mean this based on the following...

1.  If they have existed to the point where their technology is as advanced as we think it is, then they obviously knew a life-style of advancement and not destruction anyway.  Chances are, if there is hostile life on another planet somewhere, they are probably still waging war with one another and using new technologies to find newer and better ways to destroy themselves.  Sounds kind of like Earth, doesn't it?

2.  Let's assume hostile aliens did arrive here and wanted to wage war with us.  First of all, they would have to have a reason to.  The only reason I could think of (since we would be no threat to them) is for our resources.  In which case, they would have either no need to destroy us because they can just take whatever they want...  or any attempt to destroy us with war could result in destroying the resources that they were fighting for in the first place... if we don't do it first, that is.  

They would be far too advanced in technology, biological matters, physics and you name it.  They would either come in peace, as observers, or as hostile entities that walk aroud doing as they please without taking a second thought to the lower lifeforms that are scurrying around them while they work.  

Furthermore, the whole "need for resources" is kind of far fetched as well.  Consider that their technology is so advanced that the mere rearrangement of molecules is probably something they teach in their "kindergarden classes" through advanced instant telepathic communication processes.  SO what resources would they really need that they couldn't simply produce on their own through the mere manipulation of atoms... just as we humans are just beginning to learn how to do ourselves today?  We invinted an entirely different element called platonium.  We make diamonds in labs.  Soon we'll probably be converting lead into gold ...unless we already did that.

But getting back to the point... WHAT IF...  

What if they did come to attack us... you know...  like maybe a rogue alien civilization ate the wrong cabbage and turned hostile because their stomaches ache ...or they traveled billions of lightyears only to realize that they forgot their wallet at home...?

STEP 1:  Nothing ...we'd probably just die.  

The government wouldn't even know that aliens were attacking...  they would simply think an earth killing asteroid just happen to come our way.... much like a cockroach walking around and then it looks up and goes "Oh look... a giant shoe just happen to be ...SPLAT".

Why would an advanced alien civilization need 1 single weapon when all they'd have to do is nudge a little asteroid into our direction?  ..and by "little" I mean something the size of Texas.  Or maybe they'll just spray some alien version of RAID on us and wipe us out with a biological agent that works within minutes.

There are only these few likely scenarios when it comes to hostile aliens...

1.  Non-hostile aliens will come along to help and work quietly with our government to keep Earth protected from the hostile ones.  Whereas the strategy would be completely unknown and probably consist of the good aliens going "You go hide... We got this!"

2.  The aliens will simply obliterate us sometime in between their morning coffee and their afternoon probing.

3.  They will take prisoners because they either need worker slaves or think of us as funny little aggressive pets.

4.  They would just torment us with an all out ground war just because they think it's fun to watch us fight back.... kind of like when you get a puppy and make it growl by grabbing it's snout and shaking it and then say "Oh you so vicious".

5.  Or they will befriend us some people begin to get racist against them (or start a conspiracy propaganda campaign) and war would break out and then.... well, see number 1,2,3 and 4 above.

But in all seriousness, you might find my other answers a bit interesting as well due to the fact they stay within the lines of who I think the aliens really are.... which consists of the good the bad and the interdimentional ...Hybrids, angels and demons and interdimentional beings.  


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