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The New Testament teaches us that the Antichrist will claim that he is God and will rule the entire world! I was just thinking: if you or I, or any person today would go around claiming he/she is God, and it wouldn't be a(sick and inappropriate) joke, that person, in the best case scenario, would be told to do some serious psychotherapy. So what kind of being can say such a thing and millions and tens of millions of people would actually believe it? Will the Antichrist be a demon in human flesh or will it be an evil space alien from a very advanced civilization? If so, how technologically and spiritually advanced would it have to be, so that it would make some people believe he's actually God Himself?

What you are asking me is a very good question.  It is questions like this that enticed me into researching the bible at an early age.  I would also ask similar questions like “If everything is spelled out so clearly in the bible and the Devil loses, then why is he doing everything exactly as it was predicted that he do it if he knows he will lose?”

Of course, later on in life, I discovered that there is a lot more to it all.  This is just another such case of that kind of misconception.

The Beast that revelation is referring to is not a single entity.  Furthermore, Antichrist does not mean “Against Christ” but rather “In Place of Christ” and never actually states that the Beast refers to itself as God or Yeshua “Jesus” for that matter.  

Revelation 13:1-10 speaks of the FIRST beast.  And then verse 11-18 speaks of a SECOND beast.  Additionally, each beast is defined as having certain attributes.  For example the FIRST beast has “rising out of the sea, with ten horns and seven heads, with ten diadems on its horns and blasphemous names on its heads.” as these attributes reference certain things such as the seven heads being reference to seven kingdoms.

1. Babylon- the "lion"
2. Persia- the "bear"
3. Greece- the "4-Headed leopard"
4. Turkey
5. Syria (Assyria)
6. Egypt
7. Rome

The SECOND beat also has attributes defined as two horns like a lamb and it spoke like a dragon... which is not to say it spoke like the devil but rather like the FIRST beast which is referred to as a dragon.  

It exercises all the authority of the FIRST beast in its presence, and makes the earth and its inhabitants worship the FIRST beast...  and this is where the misconception comes in...  that this SECOND beast is not the one who is actually being “worshiped” but rather the FIRST beast which is the 7 kingdoms.

The mark of the beast is akin to other parts of the bible that refers to such marks...  for example the mark of God in the right hand or the forehead is described as being All that you do (the right hand) and all that you think (the forehead).  There is no actual “mark” such as a tattoo or anything.  The number 666 was actually written in Greek (as this number was “seen” by someone John who reads Hebrew) ...and that number in Greek writing, by someone who reads Hebrew actually appear as 666 but really read Allah.  As “Allah” in Hebrew look like the Greek number “666”.  And this is why John stated “the number of his name”.  He literally thought his name would be “666”.  And is also why you rarely see a Muslim terrorist not wearing a wrap on his head with the name “Allah” on it. Or wrapped on their wrist.

Allah is Satan posing as God just as he said he would do.  The King James bible refers to him as Jehovah (which people commonly confuse as God but if one would read the bible correctly, even Yeshua (Jesus) warns people of this great deception on many occasions).

So in essence... it is the belief in Allah that is giving power unto these 7 kingdoms who are currently causing war (fire to fall from the heavens) and so forth.  Revelations is already in place as we speak.  The Beast is already among us and people are already following him.  They are giving order to kill those who do not worship him (AKA:  they are attacking the US and other countries as we see these wars already taking place).  


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