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Do you know what aliens, in particular greys and reptilians, do not like as a means of forcing them away from you or even out of a house (be it holy water, sea salt water, incense of a specific kind, metal of a specific kind, any kind of essence, garlic supplement, bright lights, sunlight, I hope you get what I mean)? Or what can be used to protect yourself from them?
Or what can be used to protect yourself from them when they are in your home?

Any advice you can give would be VERY MUCH appreciated!

Please list as a public question omitting anything that would identify me. Thanks so much!

All unearthly beings are subject to obeying any command given in the name of Yehoshua... However this doesn't often work because it also requires a real understanding into who Yehoshua really is.  You can refer to the answer located here for more details on that...


Nonetheless, even if you are not a religious person, there is one thing that I am aware of that repels alien greys.  Teak wood.  Raw untreated Teak wood is poisonous to them.  Various parts of the bible even refer to this wood indirectly.  Namely Psalm 23:4 ...thy rod and thy staff ... which is made of Teak wood.  I have also answered a similar question to this respect here...



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