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UFOs/Aliens/Extra Terrestrials in my field?


This morning around 5:50 I was walking to my bus stop. I heard a strange noise behind me so I tuned around. To my surprise I see 4 lights aimed in my direction. I stared at the lights for about 10 seconds before it drove off. Because of the area I live in I figured it was a tractor but I thought it was weird that a tractor would be in my field just sitting there. But when I got home my Dad and I went out to the field so we could look at the tire tracks. Only problem was, there was none. This was very odd because it had been raining ever since the day before. There wasn't a single trace of any large objects sitting there. So now I am very paranoid that something bad will happen. I want to know if you think it's Extra Terrestrials and if they ever travel on ground. Thank You!

First off relax, despite TV and movies and supposed reality TV shows, ET's and aliens and UFOs have never really hurt anyone.  So, even if it was aliens or some peculiar craft, your changes of having anything bad happen are very slim.  Looking at the literature and reports over the years, if something is visiting, it it may be curious but it is very careful when interacting with humans.  

Of course there are reports of unknown craft travelling at all heights, including close to the ground, it's hard to say just what these lights are you saw.  I commend you on going back to look for tracks, and not seeing any means not that you've seen an alien craft, it just means you have a mystery.  Look around to see if there is anything peculiar or odd besides the lack of tracks.  

Also was it a foggy morning?  Could lights appear to have been in your field but been reflected on fog from someplace else?  Really check to make sure there isn't a road or something  near the field where the lights could have been, did you just see the lights or anything else?  I'm not doubting the story, I'm doing what most UFO investigators do, which is to try to figure out if there is any other cause.  Light travels, and if you saw only lights, but not an object that's important.

Next, even then you just have a mystery.  UFO investigators usually like more than one witness, as in many people calling in to the police about an odd light.  However, what is really important is that you try to see if these lights show up again.  I know it's scary, especially now that you know it's not a tractor, but try to see if the lights show up again.  Try to recreate the circumstances, including weather, time of day, day of the week.  It might help solve the mystery, and UFO are often reported to follow a pattern.  So, strange lights of Earthy origin or UFO from who knows where, it's important to try to see if the lights return.  

The important thing is to enjoy this, you have a mystery.  Most UFO groups will tell you that 90% or more of their investigations end with a "normal" explanation.  Could it have been hunters with bright lights?   Could it have been a drone? You really have to try to think of ANY "normal" reason those light s could have been there.  This is as important as saying "ALIENS!" (think of the guy with the funny hair on TV, to him it's all aliens).  This can also be fun, as I have mentioned aliens and UFOs have never hurt anyone.

I should not that Dr. Greer and even Travis Walton, who claim abduction and other over the top things about UFOs aren't taken seriously by the real scientists who study claims.  Almost all claims are like yours, something odd has happened, and we're not sure what it was.  We hope one day, to have real proof, but until then, reporting and keeping good notes about your strange encounter is important.  UFO groups begin to see patterns.  It helps us to know when someone is just joking, and when they are telling the truth.  Lights are reported often, and please write notes of any other lights you see.  Play CSI, time of day, temperature, exact location, where you were standing, duration of sighting.... everything.  This is incredibly helpful, and instead of being worried, go out and investigate more if possible.

Remember, few people have an encounter like this, and I would love to hear more about what happens next.  But most of all, no need to worry.  


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