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Dear Barbara
First I would like to thank you for your  time and let you know that it is appreciated
Since I was 4 year old I have suffered from what Doctors call sleep paralysis or commonly sleep  apnoea .I have had three bearded men working on me since childhood whilst under this state.
As I grew up I started to think this must happen to everyone but sadly found out that, no, it does not when I confided in my Doctor, As he thought I had a great imagination and explained sleep apnoea to me. I accepted this as fact but I had a lot of other strange experiences as I grew up but would not share because of what people might think, I became a great hider of my emotions and lived my life as a people pleaser, That all changed in 1998.When I had the experience not once but seven times in the same night, The first time I was watching Thursday night footy show on Television, I was paralysed and the same three bearded men worked on my body I was so mortified and terrified, I somehow broke away by screaming out to Jesus, Now I was not a religious person,
I spent the next hour awake and scared of these happenings ,my eyes would begin to close and I would feel their presence and the motor noise in my head and the now familiar paralysis state would start and each time(6) more experiences I would manage to fight my way out with my mind, On the seventh experience after I broke free I sat up trembling and weak from the fight, looked out my window and saw a grey Yes, a grey, The only trouble with this is my window was 8 ft off the ground.
I really thought I had lost my mind, It just disappeared ,after that night I suffered from terror attacks, and my whole world spun out of control, I was scared of everything, but I did not suffer paranoia or voices, smiling gently, I did not suffer from a mental health problem just fear of fear that these experiences had created in my soul yet, Slowly  my life changed, I left muy Husband and I became a Hypnotherapist and Healer, I have tried to keep this short and so it really does not express the total impact these experiences had on my life
what happened ? real? or sleep apnoea
regards Helen

I would say, your life is what happens to you.  You don't need validation about what has happened to you.  My own feeling is that somehow, you are more sensitive than other people.  I really admire how you have come through what has obviously been terrifying experiences, to become someone that helps others.

Keeping "sane" when what other people claim is "crazy" is happening to you is difficult.

I hope you are feeling happy in your life now, and I want to assure you as someone that has met hundreds of people with a story similar to yours, you are safe.  Thankfully, no one I know has been physically hurt, though the mental wounds are of course there.  THe important thing is to know physically you are safe.  Somehow, be this real or just your mind and sleep issues, no one ever is physically harmed.  There are those that claim harm, but those of us that work with alien abuction experiencers usually find out they are making stories up for attention or for profit.  Sadly, many people take advantage of those that have had these experiences.

I would say that these things are "not proven" yet, and also, you need to be careful as sadly people with true mental illnesses often mimic or copy those that have had alien abduction experiences.  Among the leaders in the UFO conference talk circuit today there is one that is truly ill, and many of us have been working to get him the help he needs.  

The important thing for you isn't "is this real?"  because proving it is real just isn't going to happen any time soon.  THe important thing is to be aware of your experiences, keep a record of them and if things start to escalate, see a professional.  Not because things aren't real, but because many people with alien abduction experiences suffer from PTSD.  They start out with these experiences, and the stress then causes mental health issues.  THen people claim they are "crazy".  This is a high amount of stress for your body and mind to deal with.

I am glad that you work perhaps with people that have had similar experiences?  I am unsure what kind of "healing" you do. My hope is that you do work that others I know do very well, which is to listen and not judge.  ALso to counsel for professional support when needed from a mainstream medical physician.  Sadly the charlatans in the UFO community willing to "scan" you or give you special "vitamins" or even silly magnets to wear are just taking advantage of people that just need someone to listen.  As you are aware, people that have gone through this, are very fragile.

Is it real?  Well, it is real if you are experiencing it.  Does it mean aliens flying in from far away planets to just study you?  Probably not.  The physics of a flying saucer coming from out of our own solar system is almost impossible, and also, if they were there could not be a cover up big enough to keep every nation in the world quiet.  But, can aliens come via your mind and theirs to visit and study you?  Who knows?  Science isn't really studying that yet. I do know studies have been done, and I've helped, where video cameras have followed people that report abductions and visitations while they sleep... and in every case the video has shown nothing in the morning.  I've sat up all night to watch by the bedside of someone that had regular visitations, and she was telling the truth, and saw nothing.  But she experienced it.  So what is happening is truly mental not physical.

This is good news as you can't be hurt physically.  It's bad news as we are not very far progressed in understanding what happens in our minds.  I hope that you help people by just listening, reassuring, not judging and if needed not hesitating in calling in real medical help.  They are pretty nice about things.  I find often people do go to physicians and often find themselves "cured" of visitations and these experiences.  Science can help induce a deep enough sleep that people at least don't remember what has happened.  But, many people once they are not afraid of their experiences often choose to not take the sleep medication and learn to enjoy what is happening to them.  

I hope this helps.  It's something we can't prove or disprove, and it makes many people feel scared and yet others feel special and elated.  For many, the result is like yours, it makes them want to help their fellow humans.


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