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Hey Earth Sister. You seem to be the most knowledgeable expert as far as knowing about the actual lifestyles of extra terrestrials. I read your recent answer to someone's questions regarding Alien cities and education systems, and was pretty impressed with the depth of knowledge you have on the subject. In comparison to some of these other questions, mine seems almost trivial.

As an avid skier, a thought occurred to me the other day: Do aliens know about skiing? With so many planets that are covered in frozen water, it doesn't seem like a stretch to imagine planets also covered with mountains and snow. Seeing as skiing was invented by some of the earliest humans, I could definitely imagine an alien society where skiing is prevalent. Still, the idea of aliens sharing an activity like skiing with the human race is a bit of a brain bender!

Anyways, let me know what you think. I'm very curious to hear what someone such as yourself would have to say about the subject!

Hi, Matt. Thank you for your question and all your kind support.

Our alien friends have not mentioned skiing in particular to Jack or me. I suppose, like you, that some of them must enjoy something like skiing on worlds where it is cold and icy. We do know that some worlds are cold like ours, and have ice like ours. They tell us that they like to watch us humans practicing and competing in all our sports, so sure they know about skiing.

Jack and I know from related conversations with our alien friends that they all do engage in sports and arts of similar and different various kinds. Who could avoid slipping on any ice anyway, right? Who in the universe could resist the thrill of doing it at break-neck high speeds in an organized way with all kinds of expensive gear snapped on all over us? Right?

I want to know if they ride something like horses, but I never thought to ask. If I get the chance, I will ask about both.



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