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Thank you so much for your time! In all honesty, I have never believed in aliens or life outside of this planet.  Over the past few years, I've been on a spiritual journey and have become more open to different ideas, beliefs, etc.

Recently, I attended a group "channeling" session with a well respected medium/reader.  She gave each person s quick reading and allowed one question.  In a room full of strangers, I had no idea if she was on-point or not....until she got to me.  I had written down the things I was concerned about and the question I wanted to ask.  Before I spoke, she touched on (very directly) everything I was wondering about.  

1.  I had been having some weird sleeping issues, but not to worry, I was simply having a LOT of communication with the beings of Sirius. (I have been sleeping like the dead and, unlike normal, I can't remember anything...no dreams, nothing)

2.  Communications have also been taking place when I am awake, but I am unaware of that.  However, I may notice lights going out, and that is when it is happening.  (Lights have been going out on a daily basis, including my outdoor lights AND VERY ODDLY, bulbs that are brand-new, still in the package, are  blown.  I do have short periods of time when I blank out mentally and envision places that I have been before (much like I imagine astral projection, without meaning to, it just happens)

Last night, I had my first memorable dream, where I actually saw a space-craft and felt all sorts of odd feelings.

I'm wondering if this could be at all true and how I can learn more during my sleep and/or meditations. What is the purpose of this if it is real?  Why do they try to communicate and why me?  

Thanks again for your time!

Hi, Lisa. Thank you for your questions.

If a channeling medium reader told you that you have alien contact, that does not mean that you have alien contact, but maybe you happen to anyway, and maybe her suggestion stirs the pot. It happens all the time because 1. forty to forty-two percent of the human population of Earth is "some kind" of alien experiencer. We are not all the same kind and we are not all in the same roles. And 2. channeling medium readers always tell people that.

If you dream a memorable dream where you actually see a space craft and feel all sorts of odd feelings, that is your clear indication that you have alien contact, and it is personal and direct to you, for you to know about and learn from. It is a message to you from your alien friends.

To learn more, do not seek any more channeling medium readers. Instead, actively watch your dreams and write them down as soon as you recall them. All dreams. Any dreams. In detail in order and dated.

Think for a few minutes of when you remembered that dream, and then ask your alien contacts the questions you want to know about your alien contacts. Then keep watching your dreams, which you know by now are not just dreams.

The purpose of our neighboring races of people making themselves known to our race is because it is time in our evolution for it to happen- we are ready for it as a race, and we should be ready for it. This happens to every new world in their unique way based on the new world. Also, they are desperate to make themselves known to us because we are running out of time to turn things around on our world, and we need their help, and they want to help us, and they are going to help us. In many ways, they are already helping us, but it's not enough yet because this is our own world and they cannot take over, or directly interfere with our process of politics, or involve us in the danger of it without our willing desire to be a part of the efforts.

They try to work with the government of Earth but to no avail. So they come to individuals to assist us with doing what we want to do about the state of our world. They help us by openly showing us the truth about the nature and the order of life in the universe. It's confusing or worse at first, and if we go somewhere else for answers, we can only be mislead. But if we stick to the program, we excel in knowledge and ability to take a part in the efforts. The efforts are to help our world join our local group of worlds. But first, the efforts are to help us survive ourselves.

Why don't the alien races just show up and tell us what they want us to know? Because the government of Earth won't let them. The government of Earth hunts the aliens and hunts the alien experiencers. Why? To maintain corruption and conceal its activities from us. The government of Earth is "never" going to tell us the truth. Never. They will only continue to tell us something obvious to make us believe whatever else they will tell us next about it. Like today, "There is evidence of life on Mars."

Why you? You know why- because you care about these people and their planet, and you want to help all their people live on in peace with true quality of life, just like everybody else around here does already. Maybe you stick your hand up every time God says, "I need a volunteer."


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