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The website said Aliens believe in God/Jesus but not in Hell and demons which are created by humans. However, the Bible and Jesus Himself acknowledged Heaven, Hell, Satan and the evil spirits. The Bible said God created people to ressemble Him/Jesus, how could the aliens be created by Him? Please explain the contradictions.

Hi, Al Sun. Thank you for your question.

My understanding is simple and incomplete.

God is Creator of all life. Life is soul. We people produce bodies from bodies in many ways. We populate our world, and we populate our universes, but still only God creates life.

Hell is a concept, as well are demons- concepts created by humans to define unknown things, real and unreal, like viruses and bogeymen. No other known worlds of people subscribe to the concepts of hell and demons. Humans make up a lot of things and a lot of concepts for those things, but humans on Earth are very young, and very naive. That is why a few humans can capitalize on God and mislead the rest of humanity for personal power and profit.

All races believe in God because God teaches at every world. God has been to many worlds to live as one of the people. On Earth God was Jesus, and was born as one of our people. On other worlds God was born as one of their people and was known by one of their names. Not all worlds of people needed God to be born and live with them as one of them in order to teach them. Some worlds of people, God could just talk to.

The alien people are created by God in God's image too, because they are people just like we are people. We humans on Earth are one race of all races of people from our respective worlds.


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