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Hi Earth Sister,

Thank you for your amazing work!

I have a short question I'd like some input on if possible.

Are there any human powers or secrets that the aliens have told you that we humans possess, but that many of us are unaware of. Such as healing powers, clairvoyance, etc. And if so have they told you how we can start harnessing and using such powers?

And another question while I'm at it :)

I'm interested in how aliens religions work.E.g. Are they similar to Buddhism? What do they think about death? reincarnation? Life purpose? Life lessons and so on?

Most importantly. Can you say something about their (aliens) life philosophy  And so on :)

Any way you can shed some light about this?



Love your work!

Hi, André. Thank you for your questions and support.

From what I gather from my own experience with the aliens and with humans, humans have a good grasp on what special abilities we have, but relatively little access to them as we wish. Also, we misunderstand and miss-label what we know of that we have, such as "clairvoyance" which has come to mean various real and fictitious abilities... and some humans of course just have to fabricate extreme claims.

I don't know any secrets to human nature from the aliens. But they did tell Jack and me that all the other races visiting Earth recognize as special, the WAY that we love. Our love moves mountains for what we believe in and strive to achieve.

You can enhance your awareness of your natural abilities by following these and other things:

****Consume a variety of the foods meant for your body to thrive on.

****Do not ingest harmful substances.

****Sleep enough and well every night.

****Exercise daily.

****Keep your relationships with others healthy.

****Watch and journal your dreams.

****Meditate daily.

We humans on Earth are at the natural evolutional point in our spiritual development that we are suppose to be at. We cannot make an increase happen in evolution, but we can become more aware, and we can better use our current access for more positive, progressive benefits to human life. To contribute to this effort, pay attention around you, think for yourself in a natural, scientific and broad way, and share what you learn with others.

All known races (worlds) believe in the one same God because God teaches at every world. Every race (world) has its unique history of discovery, and stories, and traditions. What I notice is that all of them celebrate both the similarities and differences, and admire one another for what is special about them. I also notice that the further evolved and advanced the culture, the more simple the practice of spirituality is. Any people from anywhere practice and pray together.

Based on my observations and discussions with my alien friends, I would say that the main philosophies of advanced life throughout the universes are based on peace. No matter what anybody may disagree about, person to person or world to world, the solution is peaceful, or else, there is no solution. No solution is infinitely better than the alternatives. With peace, not everyone always gets all they need, but everybody gets what they need the most, which is peace.

What ensures peace in all areas of the universes is that a world who is not peaceful and trustworthy is not invited to join their local group of worlds, and is not allowed to travel.  


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My lifelong spiritual experiences include spirits of the departed, spirit guides and angels who work together with humanity and our galactic neighbors for the same objectives to ensure the survival of our human race.

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