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I have always been aware on some level that I am not from here and knowing this has caused a lot of depression through my life.  Since I do not want to be foolish and since I have no full on proof I cannot say I am extraterrestrial though I feel this is the case or was the case.  I know that I have a mission here however. But I am failing.  Working at a job in finance and yearning for a good material life because it makes things easier takes me off my path.  It is very confusing for me and I do not have the energy to work toward what my ego wants and what my mission is-part of it is to learn how to live with an ego and still be aware of what is out there.  To live a daily, mundane life but understand there is so much more is difficult.

Unlike you my experience tells me that the aliens do not want to show they are definitely here yet as they have learned that direct interaction and interferrence causes more problems.  It was only until the atom bomb that they realized the need for more influence as their children on the playground, of which they seeded, found a gun whereas they used to only use their hands when fighting.  So volunteers flooded earth to prevent this not knowing the true and drastic toll being so contained and lost would really take.  

But we are not alone sister.

Hi, James. Thank you for writing. I don't see a question but I will comment.

As you describe the fact of how you feel, I am certain by that, that you are related by spirit to an alien race. Whether you are directly of alien soul or a decedent of someone who is, that makes no difference to whether you have a mission on Earth. All souls on Earth are here for a spiritual purpose and mission- or many of them at one time. We each come of our own choice, with a mission and a hope to fulfill it. However, sometimes a mission is full of long-suffering. And sometimes a mission takes longer than a life can be. Sometimes our mission is to support others in their missions, who without us could not progress. Sometimes we are a single link in a very long chain and completely unaware of what is happening at either end, or even of a chain at all.

Nobody on Earth is here by accident. Every soul is here by design. Although we souls usually reincarnate within our same race and world, and with our own family and friends, some souls travel a great distance for their missions. If you feel far away from home, that is only natural, and of course you knew it would be like this. We do this kind of sacrificing always in service- not for vacation time. We suffer this for a great purpose, and so that others do not have to instead.

Whenever you feel sad and like you're far away from where you belong, just draw a larger circle around the larger area of what you call home, and of what your growing awareness is capable of, and hold closer to your spiritual family and friends, some of whom are here in life with you now, and of course to God.

You know how ignorance is bliss, well "ignorance" is just being unaware. You cannot grow in awareness of spirit and ability without feeling those sensations bubble up from deep deep inside. Ride those feelings like a tide and let them take you to where you can see all the way around. Also practice how to shut them off when you need to. You have to live in the world, but you don't have to be of the world. Think for yourself and choose how best to navigate this place without loosing who you really are.

Your spiritual work runs parallel to your physical life and work. You do not have to either make money or live spiritually. Do both at every moment. Be successful in both. When you figure it out, show others how to do it too.

The only reason it seems to you that you are failing at your goals is because you are reaching for the stars. You are completely successful at every moment as you are becoming closer and closer. You only fail when you quit reaching. You don't immediately see it, but there are many of us helping one another and supporting one another and encouraging one another, making great strides all of the time. Whenever you are tired and need to rest, help others.

You are doing a great job and service in little ways and large ways. Ask God to show you this, and watch to see what happens.  


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