QUESTION: I would like to know if there are any ETs living among us, and if so, is it possible to contact them?

ANSWER: Hi, Jacob. Thank you for your question.

There are no alien people living among us. All of the people living on Earth are from Earth and of Earth and made out of Earth. The same as our bodies fit our own world, other races' bodies fit their own worlds. We can't survive in their atmospheres and they can't survive in ours or each other's atmospheres.

All that said, the advanced and further evolved races of people use advanced technologies and further evolved natural abilities to effect direct contact with other people of other worlds. That means, our visiting races of people have ways to help protect themselves while they are visiting the surface of our world. These ways also help protect us from exposure to them.

However, no matter how much technological and natural care they take while visiting between any worlds, it is still very dangerous in case something goes wrong. In the case of any race visiting Earth, they also have the added risk of our government's constantly, actively hunting and trying to capture them.

Think: If you needed to visit somebody living on the bottom of the ocean, you could do some things to get there in a protected way, and you could install electronics to remotely communicate and learn and teach language, voice or sign. You could not just swim there, and if you take a ship you could not just get out of that ship when you get there. So now consider that not only can you not breath the atmosphere under water but the atmosphere is actually like acid to you and your ship and electronics. You are that amount of limited on how you can get there, and how long you can stay there.

The ETs make contact with the humans they are allowed to and supposed to make contact with. Whether and how the humans respond to the ETs is up to the humans.

It's not really such a mystery. Most people on Earth just have not thought about these things yet.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: So as far as I understand, some ETs are more spiritual than physical, so would it be possible to contact them through the mind, meaning that if I meditate (which I do) and become more spiritual, will it be possible to have contact

Hi, Jacob. Thank you for your follow up.

All ETs, including us, are both physical and spiritual. If you want to contact the alien people visiting Earth, it is possible and best to contact them through the mind, mind to mind.

If you meditate and focus more on your spiritual aspects of life, you will become more aware of any or all of your spiritual activities, including alien contact if you have it.

If you have alien contact, you can become more aware of it, but you cannot make alien contact happen by any method.



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My lifelong spiritual experiences include spirits of the departed, spirit guides and angels who work together with humanity and our galactic neighbors for the same objectives to ensure the survival of our human race.

I can answer questions specifically about the 218 alien races that are visiting Earth, their organization here, their common technologies of travel and concealment, their natural abilities, why they come here and what their intentions are for the human race. For other humans who have contact, I help facilitate communication and understanding so that they may become more productive in their own roles if they so choose. I can also answer questions about why there is so much confusion on Earth about these subjects and expose the disinformation that rules the human UFO field.


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