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UFOs/Aliens/Jonbenet Ramsey- An abductee? Any deaths due to alien abductions?


QUESTION: It has been said that some abduction experiments by extraterrestrial civilizations like the "greys" on occasions goes wrong resulting in the death of the abducted person. They die because either they are not able to tolerate the pain associated with the experiments or because they get too scared. What do you have to say on this? Is there any evidence on this?

I invite your attention to the death of Jonbenet Ramsey, a six year old child celebrity who was found dead with unexplained injuries/mutilations in her locked home way back in 1996. The case remains unexplained till this date. Some Psychics say that this was an alien abduction gone wrong and resulted in the child's death. Can you get any information on this case? What do you think happened to her?

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ANSWER: I'm old enough to remember this case when it was new.  Sadly she was not a celebrity until her death, and there is DNA evidence that proves it was a human being, not an alien, that sadly sexually assaulted and murdered this child.  To imply it was aliens, is a disservice and insult to a child that was murdered.

There are many people that are murdered and sexually assaulted by their fellow human beings.  

For one thing, this is an insult to aliens to imply they just come here to torture.  Children are rarely reported as abductees in the UFO community.  This is important to remember, historically abductions are reported mainly among fertile women.  

I have followed UFO and alien abduction reports for decades, and have read the Hill files at the University of NH.  To tie in the murder of this child with aliens, who have proven to be for the most part curious and gentle (it has been compared to a medical check up and medical procedure)...that is IF aliens are indeed abducting people.  Remember, there have been studies of people that are abducted regularly, and they have been on video the entire time they claim they are having an abduction.  

So, are the abductions psychic or physical?

But aliens are people that would be murderous, or endanger humans?  Probably not.  I would say that to tie this into the Ramsey murder, is just another injustice to this poor dead girl.

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QUESTION: Thank you for your reply. But there are some people abducted who say that it was an ordeal and there was pain in the process. What do you have to say on this?

One more thing that I have noted that after around the year 2000, there has been a steady decline in reported abduction cases. Why do you think this is so? Is it because the alien races who were abducting people have got what they wanted?


sadly the decline is that the media is simply tired of reporting on it.  You will note it's always some sort of phase. Bigfoot is big, UFOs not so big right now.  Alien Abduction is seen as really just using a person that is often mentally unstable (which could indeed be from an abudction... we don't know for sure).  Now, the problem is, people will see a move about UFOs or abduction, and then reports go up.  

Is this because the media coverage reminds them of a forgotten incident, or is it people just are influenced to believe something that never happened.  For instance, if you have an episode of missing time, it could be just that.  Or a sleep disorder.  But you see a TV show about alien abduction and it's "oh hey that's what I had!"

Ghosts are big for a bit, then people get bored by the ghost shows.  Nothing really happens.

Remember the "Finding Bigfoot" people are still looking.  It gets boring.  

Alien abduction reports will go up after the new Betty and Barney Hill movie comes out.  Will those all be true reports?  Of course not. Are the people lying, no, they just are reinterpreting things that happened before.

Part of it also is that after the year 2000 the number of TV shows like Oprah, that would have alien abduction experiencers on dropped.  Instead the focus was on things like "how to lose weight" and "Who is the father of your child?"

People saw alien abduction experiencers as nut jobs.  The problem is that people that truly have a serious mental illness will often report being abducted.  Anyone can see a UFO (it's unexplained), and you can get film of it.  BUT.. the people that often were seeking the media attention were people that were truly mentally ill, and often interviews were carefully edited.  

Seeing the Hill archives at UNH, I hate to report that Betty Hill had ghosts in her house, and took countless bad photographs of Bigfoot prints and UFO landing sites.  She even had one place where she saw SO MANY UFOs you would not believe it. It is an area near an airport, and there is a lot of air traffic there.  However, UFO fans of the Hills still go to the site and "see" UFO's galore.

An abduction however, that's another subject.  IT's only so interesting to hear, and if you have heard the Hill tapes (often pirated copies are on youtube), they are horrifying and upsetting.  No one wants to hear them.  

There is a lot of good work to be done in the field of abduction.  There are people I've talked to that are not insane and are very clear about their horrifying experiences.  They do not want to be in the media at all.  That's one clue, if someone does not wish to share their story publicly.

I expect a raft of alien abductions after the Hill movie comes out.  Sadly, most will be confused attention seekers.  I don't think Betty Hill or Barney Hill lied about what they experienced, but I think they were unable to differentiate between the truth and fiction in the end.  


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