I do not know if any ET's have tried, or successfully contacted me, but I have suspicions that they have tried. I would like to tell you a story first before I ask a question. So one night, me and a couple of friends were camping, and at the beginning of the night, everything was normal, we had a fire going, and we were all talking, until we all saw a bright light hover about 150 feet above us. It was stationary in the air for about ten seconds, while making no noise. Then all of a sudden it zoomed away at an incredible speed. This was not the most difficult part to make sense of. We later saw two lights on the northern horizon, that I could tell were very far away but we're about a quarter the size of the moon. Balls of light came from within the larger light balls that were going toward each other. Throughout the night the light orbs became bigger then smaller and so on.. And after all this had happened, we saw a flash of golden light from behind the tree line, that lasted about 4-5 seconds. And then we did not here any rustling but we saw three sets of large glowing eyes, I mean they were at least 4x bigger than a human eye. After they went away, everything around us felt surreal. I don't know how else to explain it, but the world felt like a simulation. Now I want to ask you a question. Do you think that aliens were trying to Contact us?

Hi, Jacob. Thank you for your question.

Going just by what you have written here, I cannot determine for certain whether this night of events was in fact alien-related. It seems so though.

Your interest and your desire tell me that there is more going on with you than this night. Perhaps you are aware of that, or perhaps you will become aware in the future.

If you have alien contact, you have and will your whole life. Whether you are aware of it or not is based on many things, the least of which is your ability to handle the initial fear. If you have contact, then you are on a course, and the events you witness are designed to help you end up with your own true realization of what is true and what is not. If you mix up your own experiences with other people's experiences and claim of experiences, you will not be able to get a clear picture and opinion of your own. If you read material and soak up information through the ufo field, you will lose your own point of reference. Understand that when a human who has alien contact is kept unaware of it by his alien contacts, it is for his safety here and for the protection of his point of view.

YOU can find out if you have alien contact from the aliens, by recording events including dreams, and by deciding to learn only from them directly.  


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