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UFOs/Aliens/Supernatural events on this planet and biblical events.


QUESTION: OK, I figure since there are beings advanced who been around longer then us humans here is my thing.

One of the books of the bible was separated called Enoch. The book basically explain the state of living period before the building of Noah's Ark and how the people were in that period.  There is a mentioned of sons of God(God's angels). 200 Angels came down to earth with the divine purpose to teach man the proper way.  The angels went away from the path and mingled with daughters of man(female humans).

I know from previous question and past visit years ago on your chat you confirm angels are real.  

I bring these points up because in the book of Enoch. This conception of humans and angels brought about mythos creatures and beings we hear in mythology/fantasy media with the title "Nephilim" in the bible(Enoch, Jubilees, and Genesis Chapter 6).

I take it since you have a Christian background you may be familiar with the terms.

Now for the question. What do your alien contacts or experience with them say on this.  I know they been around longer then us. I'm sure these events had to be witness by beings from other worlds more advanced than us humans.

I understand this all sound crazy and I would disregard this but every since I obtain the 1611 bible, The year the bible was translated into English for all commoners by King James.  I confirmed and even research biblical landmarks which confirmed the bible is not some allegory,the events are real and there is a Most High God of all creation(killing that skeptic side of me).  Even the present, there are grand events going to happen in the world fulfilling a prophecy before the  arrival of the second kingdom of Christ.  Since the even the global leadership of this are prepared for this lock down the area of Mt Herob which is actually Mt. Sinai.

ANSWER: Hi, Riker_Fenix. Thank you for your question.

I hope you are not disappointed but our alien friends have not specifically said anything directly to me or Jack about this.

You are right that they have been around longer than we have and that these things were at least in part witnessed by some of them here on Earth.

There are many mysteries of God and that is the way God wants it. The advanced races don't know everything either, and also have mysteries of God. One of the things about being advanced and being allowed and trusted to travel around visiting other worlds is that they don't blab about any kinds of mysteries that is not their job to blab about it. God's mysteries are for God to make one person or one race of people privy to.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I'm not disappointed at all. In fact, I'm actually happy to hear the the result of the answer since I been on a spiritual journey with aid of The Most High/God(Yahuah/Hebrew as יהוה), Messiah/Christ(Yahushua/Hebrew as יהושע), and the Holy Spirit(Ruach Ha-Kodesh). I researched in the scripture of finding the King James Authorized and 1611 been accurate English translation of the scripture Hebrew text. Further studying leading me into the Hebrew/English parallel translation of scriptures in the Cepher,Torah, and books taken out of the bible since I found evidence in my personal journey the bible has been tampered with, books taken out and historical book referenced omitted, and individuals using partial scriptures for their own personal agenda.

To give an example I look on your wiki page on reincarnation and actually found biblical scripture evidence as will in the passages below (Labeled Book Chap:Ver)

John 1:21/Matthew 11:10-15 ; 17:11-12/Ecclesiastes 1:11 ; 12:7

I'm curious to ask if you had any experience knowledge with angels? Any spiritual experience lead you to angels who rebelled against The Most High or stories there of.
Another question, do the ET people have involvement with The Most High's angels? Are their relationship similar to humans or more intimate due to conscious spiritual awareness of higher dimensional planes of reality?

Again, Thank you for the free time you take on answering the questions for not only myself but others.  

Take care

Hi, Riker_Fenix.

Jack and I have experiences with Angels also, not as often as with the alien people. Sometimes our experiences are with both Angels and the alien people. The Angels are not limited to Earth, but the Angels are working closely with us on Earth right now because we need them to. Nobody has told us whether or not the Angels ever work with the people of other specific worlds, but only that it is not like they do here on Earth now. The Angels also told Jack and me that they are alive beings, created by God to do God's work as they do, but different from mortals like us who are living lives on worlds. They have special abilities of God that mortals do not have.

Thank you for your support :)  


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