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manni clark wrote at 2012-11-27 21:48:13
actually aliens appear in hot area moutain  and kansas and missipi my point is alien live on farm state on farm at night and high on moutain they do no harm to human but capture and send them back to earth for study you cant capture an alien they hang out in group well  in back when i was young i grew up in a farm and notice strange object  and crows head flying and at night i feel like something watch me the strage object landed near a place i saw but i scare they will come if you ever try to kidnap an alien your an idiot


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Overall experience includes communications research, thin-film device development, primary research on delta-gravitational field "modification" physics, and anti-aging pharmaceuticals production, analysis and evaluation. I have degrees in electronics and chemistry. I have an I.Q. average of over 180 points after the standard normalization with tests provided and/or given by: Raven, Rottus' and MENSA. I operate a simple analytical research laboratory of my own, and also have a private technical research library.I also have as hobbies: Research regarding UFO's, alchemy, and "restricted intelligence subjects" in general. Remember: I prefer to answer questions pertaining to perceived unknowns as opposed to common "homework" problems.

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