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UK Autos/MGB headlights stay on when switched off


1980 MGB. The high beams stopped working. I removed steering wheel cowl and noted the blue/white wire off the presumed proper contact site. When I connect it, the high beams function perfectly, however, when I try to turn off the lights, they stay on. ???

Hi Andrew,
Well this could be a number of things causing this problem,

This could be a simple problem like a faulty switch, a wire in the wrong place or a bit of wire touching another wire, but first i will need some more information to diagnose your problem.

After receiving the information you provided earlier on the problem could be that the wire is in the wrong place or touching another wire.
First of all make sure that the blue and white wire is not touching the red and green wire or the brown wire at the back of the switch. If the connection for the wires have numbers make sure the blue and white wire is in connection number 1.

hope this helps if not feel free to message me back.

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