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Hello, while starting my 1980 mgb everything started out as normal. it fired, stalled then then when I tried to start it again it started to crank then stopped the cooling fans shut off, in short I lost all electrical. if I try to start it sometimes the fans will come on sometimes not when I get to the started position on the ingn sw I here a relay click out and if the fans are on they go off. here is what I have done so far.  checked and charged battery, reviewed wiring schematic, have 12 volts at the ingn sw. unplugged sw and ohmed it out in each position and it appears to be ok with continuity to all the correct positions at the right positions. I checked the ground cable going to the battery and cleaned both ends and made sure they were tight. I am trying to find a common cause and other then the ingn switch. any ideas? this car has had the emissions stuff and interlocks by-passed (not by me) so I can only guess what they have done. I would be grateful for any ideas you can offer. thanks Jim

Hi Jim,
I take it your MGB is a US spec car as i am aware none of the UK MGB'S had emissions stuff or interlocks so do not know much about that stuff with me being in the UK. I know usaly during starting normally the fans will go off due to the the current the starter motor takes however it could be a loose connection to the starter motor solanoid is getting a bad earth connection this would cause problems starting the car.

I take it you have a schematic or wiring diagram for you MGB if so could you email me a copy to as i only have ones for the UK Spec cars and am just wondering if it could be something to do with the emissions or interlocks being disconnected.


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