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i need to replace the starter on my vauxhall corsa 1.7 diesel w reg. &  need to know how to get at it. if i should remove drive shaft or something else to get at it easier.
thank you for your time

Starter Motor:

** Always remove battery when working on the starter, shorting the+ lead can start a fire, kill your battery, weld a hole in the bodywork or blind you **

Generally if you cant get it out with a socket set and ring spanners you will have to remove something, it's best practice to remove the 'least important or least complex parts you can, as theyre more robust and you therefore minimise risk of accidental damage.

I'd shirk removing parts of the drivetrain if at all possible ;)

Try as best you can with the car on ramps and a well furnished tool box :)
only then start pulling the car apart to get to it, but so long as you know what you're doing (including tightening the steering/suspension components back to the right torque) you're ok, but of course, it's upto you how much care you put into the job.

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