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Hi all,i have a problem with my vauxhall zafira 1.6 club petrol,2001,Engine start well untill is getting hot and then is stopped after that is not start for while,i have to wait a few mins,can anyone help me i am Desperate cos in two weeks i need to go in holiday with this car,thank you

Hi, can you give me the following details. (In your own language, I will translate it myself for precision)

I need to know:

Condition of coolant and oil.


Also: Is there a coating of thick black soot in the end of the exhaust or is it fairly clean/totally clean inside.



To go as far to answering your question as possible with the information you gave:

Excepting cooling system failure; I think you have a bad sensor on the engine, could be crank sensor, cam sensor, O2 sensor.... and on and on.

A diagnostic scan is the only way to know which sensor.

Or, if the failure is being caused by overheating: cooling system failure.

Feel free to ask further questions, I can find garages and parts worldwide ETC ETC ETC. This is a **full** online repair service, there's only me here.

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