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Hi there,

I have a very odd problem on my desktop PC. For the last several months, the internet connection has been extremely unreliable, and acting strangely.  The computer is connected online via wireless connection, along with six other wireless devices in our home (laptops, mobile phones, iPad, etc.)  None of our other wireless devices are having problems - only the desktop PC.

When I attempt to open a webpage using any browser (Chrome, Firefox, Explorer, etc.) I always get the same behavior - It will load for the first few seconds, and then stop.  Sometimes it will stop completely, sometimes it will start up again after waiting 5 seconds or so.  If I try to open another page in a new tab, the same thing will happen, although oddly enough loading a page in a second tab will often "unfreeze" the stopped page in the first tab, and both will load.

Attempting to download any file will cause the file to begin downloading and stop after the first 150 KB or so.  Once again, I have found that if I attempt to load another webpage in another tab after the file has stopped downloading, it will often "kickstart" the file to continue downloading (until it stops again).  It is like the computer needs me to keep "nudging" the internet connection manually to make it continue working.

I thought that this may be a hardware issue, so I borrowed several different wireless connection devices from friends, and using every device lead to the same behavior.  I'm at my wit's end with this computer, as it prevents me from running necessary updates (that need to be downloaded) and my gmail only loads about 10% of the time that I attempt to load it.  

While I can survive using my other devices, I would rather have my desktop computer operational and not sitting on my desk as a monument to technological frustration.  Any help or advice you can offer would be most welcome.


Hi Darren

This could be the work of a browser hijack.

Although you may have AntiVirus installed sometimes they don't see them.

Click Start & then Run (if Run is not available on start menu, right click on taskbar>properties>Start Menu>Customize then tick Run Checkbox and Apply)

Type in the Run box:  

iexplore.exe -extoff

This should start the download of MalwareBytes, once installed do a FULL computer scan and let me know how you get on.

Best of luck

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