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i don't know if you can help me, i installed a talktalk router 4 days ago, it says that i have to connect to the master phone socket but the connection  is intermittent and by the way my previous router was not plugged into the master socket  and worked fine but the Internet connection is poor it says connected and good signal but when i try to connect to the Internet it will not connect and so i contacted talktalk customer service who checked that i had installed it correctly and he told me that it could take 14 days to stabilize and get the full speed and signal strength, is this true, in the meantime is there anything i can do about the connection is there an adapter i can buy because we need it to work from home we use 3 laptops so it is important thank you i hope you can help

Hi Surrie

I presume from what you have told me, you have moved (ISP) Internet Service Provider to TalkTalk and you have now installed their own router?

If so, they are correct, it can take upto 14 days to stabilize your connection.  Basically ISP's have an automated system which checks your connection for attenuation, run length and noise on the line etc.  this will settle down once it has sorted itself out but until it has bedded in there may be service loss, normally only a few seconds whilst the router re-logs onto your ISP with the new settings.

I would bear with it at least for a few more days, if your connection is still intermittent then I might suggest you change your micro-filter.

If the DSL light is on but you are still unable to connect to the internet I would check the username and password.

Even if the line is still bedding in you should still bbe able to get on the internet.

Hope this helps.

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