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I have a superhub wireless internet router and I want to be able to connect to wifi from the other side of the house which I currently can't. I have brought another wireless router which hasn't arrived yet and I was wondering if when I've connected the new router to the superhub can they both send out a wifi connection?

Hi Chris

The Virgin Media "Superhub" has (as you found out) a limited range like all wireless routers.

If you decided to link the new wireless router to the superhub it would need to be in range of the superhub (or connected directly via an ethernet cable).  Once you have found the range of the superhub place the router which will essentially extend the range of your wireless connectivity in a power socket there.  If you want to connect the two routers together you will need to make sure of the following elements:

1.  The IP ranges of the two routers are different (eg.  Superhub and second router

2.  Reserve for Superhub (Gateway IP address) and for second router

3.  The two routers are on the same channel and have the same SSID so that they can hand over correctly

4.  Turn off DHCP on second router and point the DHCP Server to the superhub

*** NOTE ***

To complete the above steps you will need to connect them to a PC/Laptop locally via an ethernet cable.

Hope this helps.


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