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QUESTION: Hi Andrew,
     Greetings!Hope things good at your end. Let me tell you my utmost mistake i made earlier. Well my dell pc is refurbished.It was a barebone.
     The real mistake i made was i shuffled up drivers. I visited dell site
inserted my service tag number and found out drivers and updated them.After when i updated them.Suddenly after rebooting my Soundmax digit Audio was disappeared and yellow exclamation mark appeared.So i must admit my mistake.
     Now how should i resolve the issue? I have updated the original Bios Version that is A04 before it was A06 so i have brought it down to A04. My system is Dell Gx270 and Motherboard N6016,Ram 256Mb, processor 2.6 Ghz
      Is there anything i could do?

ANSWER: Hi Bilal

Even if you try to rollback the changes using system restore the chances are that it will not work, so my suggestion to you is de-install the driver that you have just installed which no longer makes your audio card work and then download the correct one from here:

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QUESTION: Hi Andrew,
     Greetings! The black cord in my Desktop was not working that was at fault with it connectors not enabling the power.Somehow its working now.
Can i ask you something about tablet? I have an unbranded tablet and i have connected it through PDA net software it is enabled in both desktop and Tablet.But my desktop icon says PDA net could not detect internet on Android
now how should i resolve this issue?

Hi Bilal

I have no knowledge of this product but after a little searching I have discovered that there is a bug in 3.0 and you should instead install 3.02.

Here is just one link to this software:

Also, I believe that you can either install it on your tablet OR on the Android phone itself, I would presume that you should not install it on both.  Also check which version of Android software it is compatible with.

Here is an extract from a site that has used this software:

[quote] There are two ways to install it. You can download it directly to your phone, connect your phone to your computer, mount the phone as a drive, and the run the executable from there. Or you can download it directly to your computer and run it. Either way, the instructions that accompany the installation are clear and concise in getting you going. Once everything's been installed, connect the phone to your laptop, run the phone app, and then complete the connection from the PdaNet system tray icon.

Our Internet connection speeds were nearly identical over USB tether as when using the phone separately. We didn't test the Bluetooth DUN speeds, but the publisher warns that they will be slower. PdaNet for Android has one limitation. After 30 days, PdaNet requires you to buy a license, otherwise it will block access to secure HTTPS Web sites such as Gmail. That's a tempting carrot, but for those who don't need access to secure sites, the free version should be more than enough. There were also occasional hiccups when waking the laptop from hibernating, but otherwise there were no connection problems. To get around those apparent connection loss situations, disconnect and then re-establish the tether. PdaNet is light on system resources, and an easy-to-use choice for those who want the benefits of tethering without the risks involved in rooting. [endquote]

Read more: PdaNet - CNET

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