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QUESTION: When I click a link such as which is a radio station stream, that has been sent to me in a Skype chat message or in an email, it opens my internet browser and fills the screen with random text. I have to copy and paste the link into Winamp. Why doesn't Winamp open and play the stream directly? I have tried altering my file associations which doesn't help.

WinAmp Shortcut
WinAmp Shortcut  
ANSWER: Hi Norman

Problem:  The URL (Link) that you have provided is a radio stream and not a file as such so no program can be linked to open this stream automatically.


1.  Right click on your WinAmp Shortcut (on the desktop) and choose Copy

2.  Right click on the desktop and choose paste (this will make a copy of your WinAmp shortcut

3.  Right click on the newly created shortcut and choose rename (change to something like XTSR Radio)

4.  Right click once more on XTSR Radio shortcut and choose properties.

5.  In the Target Field add to the end of the program link a space and then so it looks like this:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Winamp\winamp.exe"

My link has the (x86) bit after Program Files because I use a 64 bit system.

6.  Click Apply and then OK.

It worked for me so should work for you, enjoy!

Please rate my answer.  Thanks

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QUESTION: Hello Andrew,
Thank you for your quick and detailed response. I appreciate that. However - there's often a however (!) - I like to listen to many stations online and wouldn't want my desktop to be littered with such shortcuts. I use a program called inLight Radio to find and play them. If I'm sent a link like that, it is quite easy to copy and paste the url directly into Winamp. I just wondered why "the computer" has no idea how to deal with such a link, when Winamp itself knows exactly what to do with it! Thanks again. Norman.

Hello again Norman

As I have stated previously the link is a link to an audio stream which is why if you open the link in a web browser nothing happens.

Consider an audio jack on a CD player, without the right connection the music that is playing will not have an output.  To get the right output from the audio jack you need a pair of headphones or speakers which will then turn the electrical pulses into sound which we hear.

The same can be said for the audio stream found at, without the correct program opening the link (plugging in the headhone jack) there is just binary coming out and nothing to hear it with.

With regards to all the shortcuts cluttering your desktop, make a folder and put all the station shortcuts in there.

I am sorry that M$ haven't created a way that associates an audio stream to a particular program but at least the shortcut opens the right program and plays the stream

There are many programs out there that you can save your favourite radio station streams in and play them.

I hope this helps.

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