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QUESTION: When I try to change cleartype settings, and then choose save, when I look at the settings again, they are the same as before I changed them. Windows 7 64bit with all security updates.

ANSWER: Hi there Norman

Please see link below.

If the font you are trying to change is not part of the ClearType font range it will not apply after saving.

If the font you are trying to use is in the ClearType font family please give me more information about the steps you are taking to change to a ClearType font and if you see any error messages.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi Andrew. I'm not trying to use a particular font. I'm using the built in Windows app called Cleartype Text Tuner. I tick Turn on Cleartype, and the next screen correctly identifies my monitor (PLE2407HDSD). The next screens have boxes so that I can select text samples that look best. I can only make a change that is saved in the first two boxes out of 4. Whatever I select in the last two boxes (the 3rd one has three choices, and the last has six choices) is not saved. It just saves what was already highlighted.

Hi Norman

Sorry, I see what you mean.

By default the choices are pre-selected, so that every time you go into the ClearType settings page the options are reset back to the pre-sets.

Once you have gone through the selection process do not go back in as you will just start from scratch again.

Take it as read that the options that you have selected have actually been applied.

I think that the first two selections that you have made are the default ones (by chance).

I hope this helps.


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