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QUESTION: Mark (nice name) I have a mac and download quite a lot of things so I can listen on my iPod. However, occasionally if I go to "download linked file" after a right click I get subscribe.html and it just lets me open on chrome. I use safari for this.

I don't know how to download on chrome or firefox so I seem to be stuck. I would love to know how to download on chrome and also to solve the safari issue.
Many thanks

ANSWER: Hi Mark ( Yes a Good Name !!)

Thank you for posting your interesting question and welcome to All Experts, I will try and help you out.

Firstly Safari is just not my favourite browser for any system , let alone a Mac !. For many years now , Chrome has been way ahead , both in speed and usability. In the recent past however they have tried to compete with the absolutely horrendous Internet Explorer, which is undoubtedly quick , but still 'bloat ware' on your machine.

Chrome is still just about the quickest , and if you use it 'stripped bare' of add-ons and extensions , then I heartily recommend it as the No.!. choice. Firefox used to be up there with the best of them as well , but has deteriorated both in speed and function - ability in my opinion, and comes in a tired third.
I have been using Maxthon  for some time , it is from China and if you can be comfortable with that , then its speed is far better than any I have mentioned.

Links for the above to " Give them a try" are Here  :

If you download either of the two above , they will pop up with a tab , asking if you wish them to be the default browser , select yes and the downloads will show on the downloads bar at the foot of the browser , which you can then open directly or go to the folder it has defaulted to download to. Both Chrome and Maxthon do this.
Now the Safari issue. Safari wants to check out all coding on websites , which is great for security , however can also be slightly less , shall we say....user friendly. Please copy this link and view the instructions here :


Hopefully that will set you right , and if you have any further problems , please post another question and I will be happy to assist you. Also PLEASE rate my answer for other questioners , who may have the same question , and it does help them.

Many Thanks
Mark Thomas

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Mark thanks for the information about maxthon. Neither of those two links helps me. I use chrome as my default browser already. The only time I use safari is to download. I am trying to download this

I don't know how to do this on any site in chrome and I would like to know how to do that but I don't know why this won't work in safari.


Hello Mark

Thanks for posting the follow up. In a nutshell , you cannot download a PHP file from a website , that will be server based. Once every so often , the provider will have made a security error in the compilation of the link code in PHP format , but seldom !!. It may also cause significant security errors in your browser and or system as well , so it is not recommended, and practically not feasible.

If it to embed the video on another site , right click select all and embed code , and paste as a clickable link. Safari may not like you to do this , as it is coated in security measures.

Hope that helps.

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Many Thanks


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