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Hi Mark:
I had asked you a question prior, and you were extremely helpful, I hope you don't mind one more.

I was the one who thought I was maybe having security issues with a person from the Craigslist regarding a video I was making.
Here is the next problem:  He sends me a version that he worked on and tells me he is looking at the same version I am.  On my version the volume on a song flucuations, he swears on his it does not.  He suggested trying a different wi-fi location.  I am wondering if when he sends me it, maybe it doesn't get "updated"
Do you know of any other reason, the versions are not matching?
Or how I can direct him to fix this problem?  I tried several different wi-fi places and the volumes are still screwed up.
Thank for any direction it is so very appreciated. Help!!!

Hello Le ah
Thank you very much for your question , and do not apologise for asking it. Here at All Experts , our and my job is to answer questions from individuals and as many as they want to ask. We all need some expertise in something !

OK , let me say initially that my impression is that this person is once again , failing you in his task of preparing for you , this very important and poignant project.

Let me tell you that wi-fi reception will not really make audio fluctuate , it can of course delay , or 'buffer' itself if your wi-fi download speed is not quick, but the sound volume will be constant and not rise or fall or tail off etc.

There is a chance that your program or even your sound card on your PC is not handling the audio well , and thus perhaps you should try the video on another machine , or indeed try another video player like the following free down - loads
( check whether your pc is 32 or 64 bit and download appropriate one ......not the 7 zip package.

Same as above

Ask him to download the second program and to equalise the music , or do it through windows Movie Maker.
Both programs will 'iron out' all the fluctuation problems. Of course the song needs to be of reasonable quality before the video editing programs can manipulate it.

Hope that helps you

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