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Hi Mark!

 I just recently signed up for AT&T U-Verse after being a customer of theirs for a while before I moved.  After the move, I called AT&T to setup a new internet connection for my house.  When they came out, they tried to setup everything but were unable to due to a damaged equipment on their end.  They claimed that a contractor might have done it, etc. with the blame game, but someone should call soon to arrange for it to be fixed.  They said within two business days that someone would call to schedule another tech to come out.  That was last week to this day.  I called on the second business day and tried to get more answers, but they could only state that someone would now call within a week.  They gave me a specific date that someone will call ON or BEFORE.  Great. It's been almost two weeks between the day that I signed up and today, and still haven't heard from them.
 After all this, how much longer would YOU wait until deciding to CANCEL the Service and go with someone else? It's only been 11 days since I ordered, but I still haven't heard from anyone, and they have until Friday PM before their new "one week" deadline is due.  Just wanting to see from another person with experience in PCs and such before foregoing for all of the problems thus far.  Thanks for your help!

Hello Andrew

Thanks for posting your question on AllExperts and welcome !

How I utterly deplore customers having to be 'held hostage' to a company , in which by , signing up to them , you have actually done them a favour. Customer service seems to be getting more deplorable as time goes by , desperate for your business and yet desperate to avoid assisting you. So what do I think ?
Well I can tell you only what I would do , and what I have done on occasion in the past. Firstly find the complaint section of your provider (AT&T) and demand to speak to a manager , and ask everyone you talk to for their name ( important ). Tell anyone that answers that you have a complaint to make about their 'service' or lack of it , and that you are considering moving provider because of their neglect towards informing you of information , and the time it is taking. Take no 'fending off' and demand some kind of compensation because of their incompetence.
They may offer you a free number of weeks or months gratuity for your inconvenience , do not be reticent in demanding this , I recently obtained 6 months free line rental to my broadband , because of my providers inability to fix a simple intermittent line fault in the connection short of my house.

Be polite , be very firm and insist that someone 'does something about it'

They do not want to lose your custom , especially if it may mean bad publicity to the company. Stick with them , only if something is done to make up for their lack of support.

Do not be fobbed off , and make sure that everything you say , they record , and make sure everything they promise they DO !!!

Hope that answers your query.

I wish you luck.

Best Regards


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