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QUESTION: Dear Mark,

I hope you can help me. I do ancestry research and need to translate Dutch into English.  I had no problems using the Google translate button until recently, but now when I use this, it mentions "translation in progress" and shows a little circle going around and around and will not ultimately translate.

I have followed instructions on the Google Toolbar but with no luck. I have looked at many forums but still cannot solve this problem.

Can you help me solve this problem.

With thanks.

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ANSWER: Hello Sandy

Welcome to AllExperts group and thank you for your interesting question. It has been my experience with Google translate , that sometimes the extension does not work correctly , as it is a 'plug in' to the browser , and may drop an instruction set or two as it receives the data , through the network. This manifests itself often as the ' blue circle of nothingness'!
Probably the easiest ( and simplest ) way of resolving the problem is as follows.

Click the three bars on top right of your Google Chrome browser ( I am assuming you have Chrome and not IE)

Click " More Tools" on the drop down

Click " Extensions"

scroll down to the Google translate extension

Unclick " Enabled " , then click it again to activate it , then look for the blue clickable " options tab underneath the extension. (SEE PHOTO )Then :


"Dont display icon or pop up and SAVE !!! (SEE PHOTO )

Any highlighted text can then be translated or printed as normal.

If it still gives you a problem , then simply delete the extension following the initial steps as above , but once the drop list of extensions is selected , click the animated dustbin level with Google translate and it will uninstall.
Once done install a fresh copy of Google Translate from the extensions drop down at the foot of the page. SEE PHOTO
I hope this resolves your problem
Please supply ratings for questions as it may help others with similar problems
Best Regards

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QUESTION: Thank you for your quick reply.

Unfortunately, I should have told you that I have Internet Explorer and use Google, but not Google Chrome.  I also have Windows 7.

I use to have no problem on one particular Dutch website I use almost daily, but now Google Translation is just not working at all on it.  I do not think the problem is with the Dutch website I use though.  I have used the Google Tool Bar option to get to Tools to check/adjust my settings, but this makes no difference.  Need to think outside the box.

Any help would to solve this problem would be most appreciated.

Thank you.

ANSWER: Hello Again Sandy

Thanks for that information. I do really suggest that you download Google Chrome , it is Sooooo much faster than IE and with better extensions. IE is now bloatware and so poor , I gave up on it many years ago. However..........
If you really want to continue with IE , try using the Bing Translator tool here , which should be suitable for your needs. You can use web URLs and ordinary text , either cut or pasted.

Best Regards


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QUESTION: Thanks Mark.  Have used Bing for the odd translation word, but may have to do this again. However, I may have to look at Google Chrome.  Problem is whatever one uses, there are always problems as computer software/hardware is not a perfect science.

Anyway, thanks once again.

Hey Sandy

Thanks again, I can recommend Chrome ( and set the home page to ) in settings. A nice clear setting, completely clutter free. By the way Maxthon browser is the quickest browser and although a bit on the graphically 'blocky' side and Chinese ! it is very swift and I use it a lot.
You are right about PCs......still it gives me a job.
As someone said " Would you drive a car that crashes three times a day for no reason ? "
Any further questions just give me a shout.
Pleased to be of help.

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