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Dear Mark

Is it possible to replace RAM modules and cache memory with Memory cards in the motherboard?.

If not, Could there be advantages in motherboard Design changes implementation?.


Hello Prashant

Thanks very much for question , and welcome to AllExperts.

Firstly , upgrading RAM memory on your PC ( desktop or Laptop ) has significant advantages , both in speed and the way that instruction sets to all PC components are less taxing on your hardware. It is in fact one of the best things you can do , to make a PC, perhaps an older model , run sweeter and quicker. It does have limitations though dependant on your motherboard and hardware, in as much , that you can for example , put a Rolls Royce engine into a small car , however the speed is still controlled by the surroundings
( The road and other traffic - or other computer components ! )

PC manufacturers generally these days , provide quite a good compromise in speed v cost in some of the most basic retail computers.

Generally speaking a very good system has very good components , where Ram modules , CPU , Graphics controller ,etc. are all working very hard , but never to full capacity , as the slowest of the components will cause the others to slow down, a bit like fast runners in a race , having to adjust their speed to allow a slow runner to run with them !

Design of CPU's and motherboards have come a very very long way in a short time , and memory has significantly improved too. I relation to your question about memory replacing Ram , see this article :

The old answer is buy the best system you can possibly afford , because it will future-proof you for some time.

I am not sure if you already know how to change Ram chips , so here is a good guide

I hope that informs you and your question is answered.
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