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QUESTION: Hello Mark,
I've recently upgraded to fibre broadband but cannot get any speed increase on my desktop PC.
My laptop (XP, 1.6Ghz,1Gb RAM, internal wi-fi adaptor 802.11g, wi-fi icon reports 'excellent 54 mbps) achieves the 20mbps expected (& only slightly more with ethernet cable).
But my desktop (XP, 2.6Ghz, 1 Gb RAM, new usb 802.11n adaptor, excellent 144.5 mbps connection to router) still gets only around 2 to 3 mbps download speed and 1 to 2 upload - and no faster with ethernet cable! I've tried switching the anti-virus off - no difference.
This is very frustrating, having paid for faster speed and unlimited data. Any ideas?

ANSWER: Hello Andrew
Thank you for your interesting question to AllExperts , and this can indeed be a very frustrating problem to rectify.

I will suggest a few different ways to get some speed up , any one of which individually WILL help , and done collectively will assist you.

1. Change your ADSL filter at your entry point to your telephone socket. Filters do indeed fail and having a filter which is not working , connected to your router will not choke off extraneous 'noise' that is required for data reception.

2.I do not know who is your provider and what router you are using , but a good quality router is important to both ethernet and wi-fi connections. Home electrics from a wide variety of electrical sources , teamed with walls , furniture , windows etc. can quickly kill off transmission speed , and the sighting of the router is critical , so wherever it sits , try raising it , moving it sideways etc. This alone can make a difference.

3.A very good advice instruction set is here :
and here :

4. Your desktop WiFi adaptor card , may be operating as a 'g' and not the 'n' and this alone will cause trouble and a slow connection.

5. Anti Virus software will not slow down your connection , but IT WILL slow down load-up and operating times because it is busy accessing the internet on switch on for updates and latest virus definitions. Use a 'light resource' AV such as Avira ( free ) and not some of the other 'freebies' out there , which have become bloatware. I do not like McAfee and Norton , which come bundled these days with systems !!

6.Download this software , which is more accurate for speed reading connections than most others :
A very handy readout on your taskbar and invaluable.

7. Try your ethernet cable from your router from a different port on the rear , even that can make a difference.

Read the above advice sections carefully and try all the suggestions before contacting the provider , as most of the problems can be resolved step by step.

It may even be worth investing in a Wi-Fi extender kit , which consists of a couple of mains plugs , and where the signal from your router , is routed via your electric domestic wiring. Although your problem I am sure will be rectified by either changing your channel ( consult your wi-fi router handbook) or there is a 'How To' here

A lot of reading I know , but be patient , and try out the above and let me know how you get on.

Thanks for posting
Best Regards
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---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

my main phone point is new with built-in filter; it's not a router or signal problem as my laptop is fine; wi-fi adaptor is new 'n' protocol; ethernet cable makes no difference.
So it's the particular computer; I did a search to see if there are problems associated with Panda AV - and there was. A process was using most of the CPU power - hence everything on the PC was slow, so I've removed Panda & will try Avira. Lesson - I should have opened task manager when the problem started!
Thanks for the help.

Hi Andrew

Yes from what you say , it does appear that something is 'hogging' your speed. I am glad that you are changing to Avira , as it does not have a 'deep impact' on loading at startup , nor is it constantly trying to examine your system and files, whilst supposed to be 'on the fly' which drags down speeds generally. It takes a while to download , but thereafter , apart from the occasional nag screen , it is around the best freebie out there.
I heartily recommend cc cleaner from Piriform , which is no doubt , and no argument , the best software out there to clean up and speed up your PC. Quick download , looks at ALL your programs and internet cache and deletes all the temporary files held there. Also has a registry checker , which removes old programs or obsolete entries , which again impact your system. Download , open and leave on default settings , it will not delete or accidentally delete anything critical or important.Your PC will be very much boosted in speed alone !!!
Download safely here :

Select the free version ( no real advantage lost from the paid version )

Good Luck and Best Regards
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Mar Thomas

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