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Dear Steave,

I work in a construction company,financial departmendt. My chef is my financial director.My relationship with him is based on seriosity and respect.I think he belives me but his type is very rare,he doubts for everyone(I think for me too) and he has a lot of spye persons in the company.And he wants to know everything for everybody here.
Before 2 week my brother in low begun working here.I did not tell to my chef even I knew he knew about him.I did not tell him even I knew he knew about this(he has spoke with the my brother in low supervisor)but his attitude is normal with me.
Today I gave him some sweets(that he likes them) and I said to him:these are for my broth. that he has begin working here.
He was very polite and asked me about him but I sow that he was not very pleased for this.
I was embaraced and I dont know how should I behave?
The second thing:i heard about some bad things of some workers and I really need to tell about this to him. Should I do this or no?
Maybe he take this action of mine as an appology from my side?
Oww I am very embarased!
Sory for the english,its not my native language.

An answer will help me


Hi Lisiana
I would advise against passing on information about other workers, particularly when you have no proof. It could get you in trouble.
You are not required to tell your chef about your brother in law so he has no right to not be pleased. If he wants to know all about his staff then it is his responsibility to find it out, not yours to tell him.
So my advice to you is , forget about it and continue to do your work well. Your chef will appreciate that you are a good worker and will soon get used to your brother in law being there.

It will all be fine with time.

Good luck

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