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I`ve been working at a retail store for 4 months and every thing was okay, I got along decently with everyone that worked in the same area as me. Anyways there is this girl that i work with that really wants to be friends with the other two young girls. Thats fine but its starting to get irrating.

She would always say I need some friends to hang out with. She would say lets really go clubing together Ashely or ashely n tammy  you guys are so fun dancing and singing u make work more enjoyable, why dont you guys come to visit me while im working ashely and Tammy.  (I saw her once while she worked her other job i was with my friends one day i joked to her about visiting her at her coffee job u should have seen the Please Dont look on her face. )She only mentions their names when she talks about this. She is actively excluding me. When I work together with her she seems irrated moody and doesn't want to talk with me but shes an open book to the other 2 girls. The 2 girls are BFF`s and they view both me and the girl that wantviews to be there friend neutrally. (or the other 2 girl could secretly hate me which too but thats not important if they do...they dont show it.)
My question is what do i do about the girl acting like this? I generally felt accepted before she starting doing this. I don't want to be their BFF i just feel uncomfortable when she does this. My other question is, is this type of behavior normal?  It feels like high school all over again(i secretly/ not so secretly hate you), except this time its only one person and that one person seems rather desperate to fit in with everyone else.

Hi Amber

Sorry, work and family commitments offline have made it difficult for me to dedicate the time to AllExperts that I'd like so apologies for the delay.

Let me say first up that no, her behaviour is not normal. But neither , sadly is unusual. Every now and then in life we meet someone who simply takes a dislike to us. There may be no real reason for it, just a pure emotional reaction. I know that I've experienced it before.
So the thing for you to do is completely are utterly ignore it. It is not worth your time or consideration. Dont be mean to her or ignore her, just simply be completely neutral to her.

Either she will get over her nonsense or she wont. And if she doesnt then its her bitterness she has to live with. Dont let it get you down.

Good luck


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