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QUESTION: I need help. Me and my ex broke up four weeks ago and he pumped me up to believe he as gonna propose on my bday feb. 26th. We were together for 8 months. He told me a week before my bday he didn't wanna be with me so I broke up with him but I also caught him telling his friend to hook him up with some girls 3 days before and on valentines day he went to that friends house & started acting different & disrespecting me then Sunday when I caught what he texted his friend the weekend before he went to his house on Friday I was hurt but stayed with him even though I couldn't trust him he said he didn't mean it. Then Monday he was saying sorry so much and then he switched and started yelling at me, then was nice the rest of the night, Tuesday was our anniversary and he was being nice then around 3 he started yelling again and told me maybe I should go find the one. Next thing I know at 5 he calls and is crying saying he's sorry and didn't mean it and he doesn't wanna lose me so I forgave him then he told my mom sorry for how he has been treating me and told my friends he was still proposing so I trusted him. He said he was changing and wouldn't act like this again. Then the next day Wednesday he was still sweet till evening at 7 he started yelling again saying he needs a break to decide weather or not he needs me and I hung up later at 10 I called him to break it off and he cut me off saying he would always be here & always be my diary and then I said if you don't wanna be with me just say that and he said that's what it is. Then I said I thought I was the one and he said you are it's just and I hung up then he text me asking when I was coming to get my stuff and I said I would have my mom puck it up and he said what time and I said text her and ask and he put lol I deleted her number so I said ok then he said we can still be diarys right and I said no and he said ok lol and I ignored it then he went and posted all over social media how he was single within 20 minutes I was hurt but I stayed mature and the he was telling my friends he was done with me because of my attitude but he handled it for 8 months so I didn't quite understand. Then he posted a picture of a couple and said this is what I want but he had it so I was confused. He's 18 and I'm 17. People asked him if he was okay and he said I'm perfectly fine but I don't understand because the day before he was crazy in love with me and would cry over me when I was mad at him or about to leave him. We were really serious which is confusing so last week he messages my friend he had never talked to asking how I was doing then Saturday he messaged my bestie saying what's up and she deleted it. But in December when we were together I found on his Facebook him talking to this girl but he said it was his friend then January a girl called his phone when I was at his house and he said he hadn't talked to hr since before we started dating and then few is when I caught the text in his phone and then we broke up 3 days later. I been crying and I'm just confused and real lost.  What is all going on with him...??? Why is he doing this....???

ANSWER: this guy is [player,using u,Game,baggage,drama,non committed and not relationship material,why is u being needy and low esteem for this jerk,he's on and off cause u tolerate his game

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QUESTION: I left him but it's like he completely doesn't care anymore when he used to be crazy in love with me & one was a close friend that watched me get hurt. He said he would never do it. But now he's asking my friends about me & having his friend hit up my friend about me but saying he don't care. Why all this for? & now all he talks about is single & he's focused on ball & school like I stooped him.

me personally i would move on,it's called playing games with your head and heart,he is not relationship is short,i would no contact rule this jerk
It can be frustrating to date a man who insists on playing games rather than being a straight shooter with you. If you're the type of person who takes things to heart, it can make you feel like you are not a desirable partner. You do not have to accept this behavior.
Game playing is an attempt to manipulate the other person, and needs to be addressed.
Address the game playing directly. Sit down with the guy you are seeing and tell him that his behavior points to game playing. Tell him what your expectations are for dating. Make it clear that you want to be communicated with in an honest and transparent way. Let him decide whether he wants to meet those expectations or not. If he continues to play games with you, he is telling you what his decision is. At this point, you must decide if you are going to continue to see a man who continues to play games, or if you are going to move on. If you continue to see him and he does not change his behavior after your talk, chances are, he will never change how he treats you. In the words of the editor of Baggage Reclaim, "Take the rose-tinted glasses off honey, he's not into you."Drama King! •Some men play mind games because they are jerks. There is no way to sugar coat this. There are two types of men – the good men and the jerks who simply get off on playing mind games with women. If you’re stuck with the latter, don’t even bother with trying to understand why he’s playing mind games with you. Just find yourself a good man who doesn’t play mind games. he plays mind games because he has way too much emotional baggage from previous relationships and u dshouldn't feel like dealing with the backlash from these failed relationships.the game is called manifilation,control.he's not stable and u'll always be in and out with this type. Playing mind games involves only ONE thing – the ability to send mixed signals and toy with someone’s emotions in the process.These real players or masters of the game have earlier recognize how weak and emotional women could be and they are using this female shortcoming all to their advantage.
guys play it because they know it could be FUN, I mean absolutely pure fun, especially when you purposely stir the waters just to watch the fishes react and put the girl off-balance

recognize when 'enough is enough' and pull the plugs right there before you cross that point of no return

Are you interested in knowing how he could be springing that mind game on you?

OK. If I am playing mind games with you, this is how I might go about it.

Making unreasonable and/or impossible demands

It normally happens without warning. All of a sudden you discover that he is now making unreasonable and/or impossible demands.

I might start suggesting and demanding that the two of us visit places or people I know you don’t normally want or like to visit. I will start demanding and insisting that you must watch my favorite TV sports program which I know that you don’t like.

He may even start preventing you from what you normally want to do like preventing you from leaving the house. All these start to happen without any forewarning.

Watch it please my dear girl. Don’t ever over react because he might just be testing you.

just testing your will power, your resolve, your flexibility and most importantly your strength.If you really want to get into his heart, I believe this is the time to show him how understanding as well as diplomatic you can get.

Believe me when I say to your that if you pass this one test, you will always have every reason to celebrate because you’ve just increased my trust in you even though you may NEVER know it.

Bottom line: He purposely gets her agitated because he is now telling her that he thinks those other people are better than her.

By flirting with other girls, the guy’s intention could be to send her the message that his interest lies somewhere else and NOT entirely on her!

And women know how to get that type of message. I don’t just want to call itjealousy!

Mind gamers know that women are always watching out for those straying tendencies that men normally display even unconsciously.

And so what do they do? Of course, they give it to you! They will flirt and flirt and flirt just to make sure that you get that very message.

Besides, it is a very risky game to play. You may never be able to decipher what he is playing at and that means one daft wrong move and the whole cookie starts to crumble and fall apart like a pack of cards.

So you should be on the look out for some of these signs and master how to counter attack with superb deftness using that natural, powerful and potent gift of female intuition.

Always remember that mind games are normally launched without prior warning. So that is one very easy way to determine if and when the heat is on. When you notice this sudden and most awkward change in his behavior towards you, that is when you should tighten your seat belt and get ready for this type of ride which could get very unpredictable and awry.
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