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What are the signs that a guy is pursuing you?

If he is showing signs of interest, you want to make sure that you don’t get stuck in the “friends zone”. In order to get him to ask you out, you have to give him some sort of sign that if he approaches you, he won’t get turned down or rejected. The easiest way to do this is with a warm smile. You will want to give him an elongated warm smile and then look down, then look back up and smile again. (This technique is highly effective, so don’t use it unless you are ready for a guy to ask you out).You like him, but does he like you? Don't ponder anymore. Even the shyest guys give signals as to their level of interest. Below is a list of the major signs that most all guys display when they are interested in you.

Does he LISTEN to you? Hearing and listening are two different things. Talk to him about something important, like a raise or interview. The next time you speak to him bring it up and see if he remembers anything about the conversation. If he does, chances are good that he is interested. If you need help is he there? No guy will go out of his way for everyone. Ask him to help you with some small tasks, but things that he has to go out of his way a bit to do for you. If he does them, that's a good sign. Don't use him, though. Just do this a few times to gauge his interest.If you have his number send him a text. Say something like "Hey Bob, its Jan. What do you think about the new Chinese place in town?" Always put a question in there so it requires a response and can start a conversation. If you find yourself texting with him a lot, that's a good sign. It shows that he is spending time communicating with you. You can build up to talking on the phone, as well. Speaking on the phone really shows his interest because its more personal and shows more respect. Does he laugh/share with you? If he tells you things that bother him, that's a really good sign. Most men won't open up unless they feel comfortable. Does he laugh with you? Sharing both positive and negative things with you is a great sign that he is open to you and interested.Does he treat you differently than other girls? If he does that means he feels that you are different than most people to him, you're special. That's good. Another thing you can look to to see if he's interested in is what kind of dates you're going on with him. Is he suggesting you come to his house to watch movies? Is he asking you to meet him at TGI Friday's for drinks? Those things take little to no effort on his part. They're not the kind of dates that show that he's really interested. If, on the other hand, he's asking you out to dinner and shows that he's put thought into the restaurant selection, THAT'S a date. Don't talk yourself into accepting thoughtless suggestions from him. If he's interested, he'll put time and energy into planning something for the two of you to do.
Men like to work for what they want. If you're always calling him first or asking him to do things, there's no work in it for him. If you're making all the effort and he's just going along with it, that doesn't mean he's that into you - it means it's convenient for him and he's lazy. That's not the kind of man you want! Hold on to some of your mystery, and make him earn your affection. That means not always being available when he asks you to do something, not waiting around for him to ask you to do something! Men want a woman who has a life of her own and is independent. Show him you're that woman and make him earn a place in your life. He'll respect you so much more for it!Developing a relationship can be complex. You have to get to know the person, understand his values and determine his likes and dislikes. The first step to completing the attraction is determining if he is as interested in you as you are in him. Knowing if he likes you can be tricky, but there a few telling signs,,onsider your gentleman's behavior and actions. Not only is chivalry a sign, there are other behaviors that may key you in on his intentions. If you catch your gentleman staring at you, he may be interested. If you find yourselves caught in a mutual gaze that you just can't escape, he may be interested. Simple caresses of your arm or shoulder may also be a sign. The signs could be endless. However, while one sign may be nothing, several signs may be something.Body language, whether subtle or obvious, can be a huge sign of his interest. Pay close attention to what his body is telling you. Many times, the body language will tell much more than his words. If he moves in close while you're speaking, leaving little room between you, he definitely wants to be more than close. If you walk into a room, catch his glance, and his lips part, even if only for a moment, he likes what he sees. If he strokes his tie, smooths his lapel or checks his hair, he's interested in making a good first impression. Preening is a great sign of interest. Men are generally concerned with their looks and their body. If you find that he adjusts his stance and his muscles when you walk in the room, you're well on your way to success.  

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