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I have been seeing a woman who is 10 years my senior over the last 3 years or so. She is married woman. Since Easter this year, I have stopped all communication with her and decided to split with her, although I never actually openly expressed it that I want to finish with her. The reason being - I felt over the years that I have always been the one leading the relationship by arranging dates,where to dine out, where to meet and eat etc, even down to the fact that I have to make a conversation, so I always have to initiate in everything. All this has made me bored of the relationship as it seems she is very dull as I always have to initiate. I have always given myself chances to be with her each time about this then I recently decided to put my foot down and stopped all communication as the last time we met, she simply never communicated with me.I was fed up. Since then we never spoke, just recently she greeted on facebook with a "Hi". I replied but nothing else followed.

I have told her about this once before but she denies it all by saying that its me that doesn't open up to her much, which is absolutely wrong. I am a divorcee and her behavior also reminds me of my ex wife as she was also similar.

I just wanted to know, on this basis, have I made the right decision in just leaving her ? Do guys always have to lead the relationship ? I have known her 3 years, so she should be confident enough to decide on things. Am I right in this ?

best not to force a relationship/Sometimes it can be quite difficult to not force something when we want it badly; but forcing someone to be in a relationship or love you is a recipe for total disaster. Surprisingly, some people don’t even realize when they’re forcing love. They go through the motions, making excuses for why the other person isn’t reciprocating their actions. The reality is if you are always on the giving in of love and never receiving it, it may not exist in the other person.Consider these six signs to ensure that you’re not forcing love or a relationship that either doesn’t exist or simply isn’t meant to be.u asked him out. Every other plan has been made by you. He simply accepts, and at times declines, your invitation. However, he never makes the arrangements. If he wants to see you, allow him to make arrangements some times. It can very well be a case of him not having to do anything because he knows that you will take care of it. So to be on the safe side, allow him to have an equal say in when the two of you see each other. If he doesn’t initiate a date or make time to see you, then don’t force the issue.{PLEASE SUBSTITUE HE TO SHE-HER] You Always Have To Ask How He Feels ALL THE TIME

If you’re constantly doing a ‘how do you feel about me?’ check with your significant other, either he doesn’t’ care to share, doesn’t’ know, or doesn’t want to hurt your feelings. Either way it’s the signs of an unhealthy relationship. When you’re unsure of how your man feels about you and he never cares to share, it’s important to not make up feelings for him that actually don’t exist.He Disregards Serious Matters

Unless you’re dating a child and not a grown man, at times your relationship will call for serious conversations and he should be ready to discuss the matters at hand. By nature, women may want to ‘talk’ more than men, but if he’s always changing the subject when you’re talking about your future, how to make your relationship better, or anything that calls for a serious tone, you may want to evaluate the relationship.You Initiate The Communication 80 % Of The Time

If it were up to you, the two of you would talk multiple times a day. If it were up to him, he would be fine speaking to you once or twice a week. If you find yourself being the only one  sending good morning or goodnight texts or the only one in the relationship doing a ‘just checking on you’ call, you may be forcing something that is not really there. If a man wants to speak to you, he will make time; and keep in mind just because he answers your calls doesn’t mean that he can’t live without you. If he’s just as serious about you as you are about him, he would initiate texts or call more.You Hear No More Than Yes

No one likes to feel rejected, especially if the rejection is coming from someone that you care about. If you’re in a relationship and you’re constantly met by rejection, it may be time to reevaluate the situation. If your significant other is not willing to compromise or at least allow you to have things your way sometimes his “no’s” may say a lot about how he feels about the relationship.i would move on and get someone who is more compatiable

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