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Hi Steve,

Quick question for you.  I am taking some non-credit language courses at an adult private school.  The instructor is great.  We've had a great rapport and often talk for long periods of time after class.  I'm also the top student academically.  Lately, I've noticed he has abruptly become colder to me.  Anyways, as an aside, I have to take some time off due to medical tests over the next couple of weeks.  I used his personal email (which he had given us in another class) to let him know I would be absent and why, and if in the meantime, he could let me know which chapters we would be tackling next.  It's been almost a week and no reply - He is not he type to be unprofessional or to lag behind things.  I refuse to send another email...because I know he got it.  Yet, if he doesn't respond in another week, do I just show up and pretend I never sent the email?  I feel like asking him if I've done anything to offend him.  How do I handle this without appearing weird.  p.s.  kind of have a little crush on you can

Hi Kelly

Sorry for the delayed response , I've been overseas.
My response may not be much use now but I'll try anyway.
First let me say its clear that you have a little crush :-)
And I think that little crush is causing you to magnify what is a small matter. People miss emails, or forget to respond to them , all the time. Even highly professional people.
I don't think you should read too much into it. If you haven't done so already please do send him an email with your original included asking if he's had a chance to look at it yet?
I'm sure its nothing untoward.
Whatever you do please don't make the follow up too personal or asking if you have offended etc. You don't (yet) have a personal relationship with this guy and I think that tone may be a little personal for now.


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