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people tend to think im a teen still in high school, but im a grown adult woman and well the city bus driver is sexxi as hell....and yesterday he did a 360 degree turn to look me directly in my eyes just smiling his azz off and he was like "hey little lady"....I said hi, smiled and sat down...and as I got off the bus he looked at me again and told me to have a nice day.....should I tell him how old I really am, I do like him.... but I have vowed to never approach a man again...cuz things didn't turn out the way I had hoped the last time I did that.......I was almost on an episode of

today he was just smiling with his head down when he seen me....should I ask him why does he act all giddy around me? he looks to be about 36 yrs 32


Hey Yanet
I don't know why , at 32 you vowed never to approach a man again ?!
I'm sure you've had some bad experiences but so do lots of people. You have to keep trying. Do you think that everyone who is in a loving relationship got straight there without any false starts? I can tell you that the vast majority of people have plenty failed relationships in their past.
So yeah, I think you should talk to the bus driver. But why on earth start by telling him your age ??? That doesn't matter, if he thinks you're 18 or 25 or 40 that doesn't matter. It seems he likes you so if you like him back then have a conversation with the guy. Buy him a coffee when he gets off shift.

Good luck


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