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QUESTION: What is the typical penalty for someone who commites rape in the UK?


Sorry, but there is no typical sentence for a crime in Scotland (or the UK). (I think you'll find that the saying, "How long is a piece of string" means that there is no definitive answer, as in this case, where there is indeed no definitive or typical sentence, as indicated within the links I included in the previous answer, see below).

Unfortunately, I cannot otherwise mitigate your dislike of this factual answer.

"Comment - Last time he told me, "how long is a piece of string" now he's telling me that there is no typical sentence for rape in the UK. Which is it?"

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QUESTION: Last time i told you about a girl who was raped in the UK. You told me how long is a piece of string. I said so you think she's lieing? You said sometihng like well what do you think? Now you seem to fain ignorence.

Unfortunately, I am not omniscient nor acquainted with all the facts of the matter and I would doubt that you are, although you may appear to think so.

If you require a factual answer to a serious question, please submit it accordingly.

" I'm not the first person he has said. How long is a piece of string to. "
Because you (and others) did not provide salient facts on which to base a factual answer.
" Thus why should i feel bad for giving him a low rating? "
Because you are being factually inaccurate.
" Last time he claimed that he didnt know the penalty, now he says there is none, now he says that he doesnt know the circumstances. I never said any circumstances. Why do i need to mention any circumstances? "
So that a factual answer can be provided.
" If a women is raped someone should know some penaltries for the offender. Its obvious this guy is a fraud. "
As per the links already provided, sentencing depends on numerous factors, including the circumstances of the crime, aggravating or mitigating circumstances, accused's age, background, previous criminal convictions, guilty plea etc etc, viz:;
or, in suitably simpler language:
Again, unless you wish to pose a serious question, including the necessary basic facts/circumstances which a factual answer will require, please refrain from further comment.

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